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Kamlesh Patel (1/04/2015)

27 février 2010

La médium de Whispers est dangereuse

Rose X a envoyé le témoignage suivant à 4d-Don. En gros, cette anglaise a eu une relation avec un abhyasi en contact étroit avec Catherine L., la médium française qui livre les messages du monde lumineux (brighter world) à Chari.
Celle-ci lui a déclaré que Ajay Kumar Bhatter ne serait pas le prochain maître du Sahaj Marg, et qu’il n’y jouerait aucun rôle particulier sauf celui de simple abhyasi. C’est Catherine L. elle-même qui serait le prochain maître et elle a nommé le fiancé de Rose précepteur, en raison des messages que lui a transmis Babuji.
Catherine L. annonce aussi qu’une guerre nucléaire va éclater en 2010 entre la Chine et l’Union européenne et que le Royaume-Uni sera détruit.
Après avoir marié Rose et son fiancé, toujours en raison des transmissions de Babuji, elle leur a ordonné de se séparer immédiatement.

Hi Don
I have been thinking about it and i would like to tell you my story but if you could keep the following names confidential: Mine, (blank-fiance) and (blank-friend) . Im not very good at telling stories so it might be a bit "bitty" so apologies for that.
Here we go......
In January 2009 my now ex fiancee (blanked) came to work as a locum in the hospital where i work permanantly. He was 26 and very good looking and a really charming man. A lot of women were interested in started a relationship with him including me but he kept saying no because he said his lifestyle was different and he gets up at 4.30 to meditate, does not drink and so most women would find it difficult to integrate into his life.
Anyway after he left work in march, me and him kept in contact as friends as we had got quite close while he had worked there and had lunches together every day. I was still interested in starting a relationship with him. By now we has become quite close friends and i knew a lot about Sahaj Marg from talking to him and reading the literature and to be honest i found it all very interesting but that was before i knew the real truth!
I still kept on asking him if he would like to start a relationship with him (me?) and i explained to him that i would do anything to fit into his lifestyle. He asked for a few days to think about it and a couple of days later he met up with me and said he would like to have a relationship with me so we started to see each other.
It was only after a couple of months that he revealed the truth to me about why he decided to have a relationship with me-
Two years previously he had asked Master to arrange a marriage for him and when he met me and saw how persistant i was and how i had said i would do anything to fit into his lifestyle he decided to email master and ask if i was the women he has arranged his marriage to (bear in mind i have never met master or anyone else in sahaj marg!) and Ajay Bhatter had replied and said "why the hesitation if you like this girl" which (blanked-fiance) took to mean yes and that was the only reason he decided to be with me. I took all this in my stride and agreed that it was amazing even though i did not really believe it. I did find it amazing that my family accepted (blanked-fiance) because i never thought my mum would accept me marrying a white man!
At this time (blanked-fiance) lived with another Abhiyasi (blanked-friend) and whenever me and (blanked-fiance) used to go away for the weekend he used to ring (blanked-friend) and arrange to do cleaning at the same time - i found this very strange as according to the literature cleaning was something you did yourself. When i questioned (blanked-fiance) and said why do you have to ring him to do cleaning at the same time he told me the story of the medium:
(Blanked-fiance) and (blanked-friend) used to be totally devoted Abhyasis and they used to travel from the (blanked) to (blanked) twice a week (about 1.5 hour journy each way) to attend satsangh etc. Anyway (blanked-friend) went to the Chennai ashram about 2 years ago and (blanked-fiance) received a phone call from him and he said to him "dont go to satsangh anymore i will explain everything when i get back". (blanked-fiance) said he thought this was really strange but he did it anyway and when (blanked-friend) came back he explained that he had met a french lady medium called Catherine Lauret who said that Ajay was not going to be the next representative and who had explained to him about the future of Sahaj Marg and how it was going to totally change .....
(Blanked-fiance) and his friend believed Catherine and she came and spent a week at their house training them in the so called "new way". She said that because preceptors have been abusing their powers and letting their ego get the better of them and not taking (their) duties properly in the "new way" cleaning would be done by Babuju direct from the brighter world via the heart of the new representative (her)
She also said that most people would not accept her on an inner level and when she was announced as the new one 90% of sahaj marg would leave but when they felt what life was like without a master they would all come back. So the new routine for (blanked-fiance) and (blanked-friend) was: Get up at 4.30 and meditate for one hour. After 15 minutes break they would have Satsangh for about 45 minutes (Catherine said that (blanked-friend) was a preceptor and he gave satsangh) then in the evening they would do cleaning together-ie Babuji would come and do the cleaning via catherines heart and (blanked-friend) would give the transmissions. But the important thing to remember is that the preceptors no longer had any power-they were simply like a "tap" and if it was felt that they were not doing their duties properly the tap could just be switched off by Babuji .........
I asked both (blanked-fiance) and (blanked-friend) if they had confirmation of this "new way" from master and they said no but they did not need it because they could feel the transmissions from Catherine. I said that even if she could transmit, it did not mean she was the next one. I found it all very strange. Anyway (blanked-fiance) told me that him and (blanked-friend) had not heard anything from Catherine for over a year but they still carried on faithfully doing the new way.
Me and (blanked-fiance) carried on in our relationship eventually renting a house together and spending a lot of time and money doing it up and buing new things and we moved in and then in December (blanked-fiance) suggested that we go to India on a trip to see master. We booked the tickets and the travel centre at the ashram asked us to email them near the time so that they could confirm whether master would be there or not. Nearer the time i asked (blanked-fiance) to email but he said there was no need to. I later found out that he was back in touch with Catherine and this was probably the reason he did not want to email, because he knew master was travelling and he knew that he would get to spend all week with catherine.
Anyway we got to India and as soon as we landed he was on the phone to catherine arranging to meet her-i did not even hasve the chance to get changed. We met catherine in the canteen of the ashram along with a man called Shiva. We had a drink and then we arranged to meet later in the evening at Catherine and Shivas flat which was near the ashram.
I found Catherine and Shivas story strange too. He is a 30-something year old single man who lives with catherine and runs around after her getting her food and basically being her slave!
Anyway that evening was wierd. We sat and had satsangh from her and i did not feel anything and the next morning after meditation (blanked-fiance) wanted to go straight to hers and have satsangh from her again. Then he wanted to spend all day with her.
This is a list of some of the things she told us:
Master had told her she was not allowed to go to Elliots beach in chennai because there was going to be a tsunami
In 2010 there will be a nuclear war between China and Europe and the whole of the UK will be destroyed so (blanked-fiance) and (blanked-friend) should move to India straight away (to this (blanked-fiance) said if it was just him he would move straight away but obviously he would have to discuss it with me and i said i probably would not move to India-i think this is the reason she told (blanked-fiance) to end things with me-more of that later)
She said all of Masters powers are being taken away from him and being given to her and the transmissions that he gives have no power.
She said people linked with her should not do the 9 pm prayer as it goes against the divine plan (ie wars and catastrophes have to happen to get rid of bad souls and so we should not pray for them not to happen)
She said that there are a lot of "angry souls" around Master at the moment and that they were all trying to attack her from the inside and this is the reason she did not have any contact with (blanked-fiance) and (blanked-friend) for 18 months-because they were trying to get at her through their emails!
I will have to tell you the rest of the story tomorrow as my mum needs to use the computer now but there is a lot more for me to say including what else catherine has said, how she broke up my relationship with (blanked-fiance) and what master said to me when i emailed and asked about whether catherine was indeed the next representative and not Ajay.

Rose said ... (continued...)
So on the first night when we were at Catherines house, we had a satsangh from her and after it, she opened her eyes and said to us "Master just came to us in Satsagh and married you two" I wanted to laugh it seemed so ridiculous but (blanked - fiance) seemed mesmerised and loved it!
The next day we went in the morning to have satsangh from her again and again i felt nothing but (blanked-fiance) loved it and then we went to the Ashram to have breakfast. After breakfast me and (blanked-fiance) went and got showered etc and then we decided to go and have a cup of tea in the canteen ... i asked him if we could spend some time alone and not sit with Catherine if she was there as we had not really had a chance to talk to each other properly since we got to India. Guess what.....we got to the Canteen and she was there and (blanked-fiance) went straight to her and we spent all morning with her!
Then we arranged to go to her flat later for satsangh. When we got there Catherine said that we could not have satsangh yet as she had received a message from Master (again on the "inside") that they could feel her transmissions in New Delihi where he was travelling and it was interfering with the souls there and they were becoming suspicious so she should not give it yet! How absurd. Anyway we ended up spending the evening with her again and we asked her more questions.....
When Catherine had been in England at (blanked-friend) house when she introduced them to this "new way" 2 years before she had told (blanked-friend) that his house would be an ashram and that he should start converting it. He spent a lot of money lovingly converting it and we asked why he had been told to turn his house into an ashram when the whole of the UK was meant to be destroyed in a nuclear war? She said "i will ask Babuju now" shut her eyes and a few minutes later opened them and said "it was neccessary at the time so that you two had a protective bubble around you to protect you from the bad souls that were trying to attack you" she also said "we don't like receiving bad news, start preparing and sell all your stuff in preperation so it wont be too sudden when you do have to move to India because of Nuclear war"
She told (blanked-fiance) he should not be in contact with Abhiyasis who you used to be really close with because they do not accept her from the inside and they would try and attack her through him because he is linked to her-so basically she was trying to control every single aspect of his life!
I thought it was really strange the way her and Shiva both got very worried when (blanked-fiance) said he had wrote an email to Master about her and she wanted to make sure that he had not actually written her name in it- this aroused my suspicions as if Master and all the people close to him knew about her why should (blanked- fiance) not put her name in emails.
I think Catherine could see that (blanked out-fiance) was having a lot of doubts and we had told her that (blanked-friend) had been having doubts lately....she said it was good to have doubts....then she shut her eyes said Babuji was with her and said "(blanked-fiance), Babuji wishes to tell you that you have been made a preceptor"- so clever of her. She could see he was having doubts so she made him a preceptor to feed his ego a bit. She also said "Babuji is telling me to tell you that you have an amazing chance to get to know the next master before anyone else knows about her and you should use this time wisely as one day you will need Binoculors to see her"
(Blanked-fiance) also asked her something about Ajay - Catherine has told (blanked-friend) that Ajay's family had been telling him that he should be the next one and Ajay was having doubts about Catherine too but Catherine said that it was all sorted, Ajay accepted her. So we said that when she was master who would take care of the "business" aspect of Sahaj Marg- ie the accounts etc-bear in mind that Catherine can barely speak english - when she does its very broken. So we asked if Ajay would be like her right hand man - she said "No Ajay will have to go back to being the most basic Abhiyasi and he will have no role in the management of the mission and no responsibilities.
Later on she closed her eyes and asked masters inside if we could have satsangh and he said no so we went back to the ashram to sleep.
Obviously all this was totally new to me and i was very disturbed and i was crying and upset. I could not sleep properly and in the morning i told (blanked-fiance) that i did not really feel comfortable going to see Catherine this morning. He said he was going to go anyway and we had an arguement. He went off to see her but 20 mintues later he was back. He then said we would go shopping for the day with Shiva as a guide and i asked if Catherine was coming and he said "Master has told her she is not allowed to go to the shops so she won't come"
So (blanked-fiance) went to meet shiva and i got ready but could not find my shoes and i went out to try and ask (blanked-fiance) to help me find them but i could not see him and after searching for him barefoot for ages i found him sitting with Shiva and we ended up having another arguement. I went back to the dorm and (blanked-fiance) came, we made up and we decided to go shopping ... as we were walking out of the Dorm we saw Catherine and she said to us "I have received a message for you both from master you must come immediately with me"
So me and (blanked- fiance) went with her to the Mango grove in the ashram and sat and she shut her eyes and said:
"(blanked-fiance) and Rose must end their relationship immediately. They must return to England today and end their relationship, (blanked-fiance) must move out of the house they share and move back in with (blanked-friend)"
I sat there gobsmaked and i just could not believe it. I said to (blanked-fiance) "Shall we go off and have a chat about this" as i was desperate to get away from Catherine. Catherine went back to her flat and me and (blanked-fiance) started talking but he did not want to accept that what Catherine was saying was rubbish so we had an arguement and he started walking to Catherines house ... i still had not found my shoes so i followed him barefoot. I stopped walking to calm down a bit and he kept going. After about five mintues i started walking to Catherines and when i got there i was very upset, in tears and when she opened the door to her flat i was visibly upset and i asked her to ask again and she shut her eyes and said Babuji was saying:
"When Rose and (blanked-fiance) got together i did not want it to happen but i let it go on. Rose has a very deep anger samskara inside her and because (blanked-fiance) has power inside him this aggrevates Rose's anger and if they stay together Rose will be mad in 8 months so they must end their relationship today, go back to England today and live seperate lives. (blanked- fiance) has a great future in sahaj marg and nothing must stop it"
I could not believe this. I asked Catherine to ask why me and (blanked-fiance) had been put together in the first place if they knew we were not compatable and she said that sometimes problems only become apparent after cleanings have taken place. This was so strange as last night she had told me that i was very light and she had not had to do much cleaning on me at all!
I was in tears i was inconsolabe and when i looked at Catherine all she could say was "im sorry there is nothing we can do for you"
Conveniently, Shiva had the phone number on his phone that we would have to ring to change our flights! So right then he rang and changed our flights for that night. I just could not believe that (blanked-fiance) was going along with this. Catherine then said "You must email Master for confirmation that this is what he wants"
So we went to an internet cafe and we wrote an email to master asking if it was true.
We then packed and got ready to leave that night. (blanked-fiance) wanted to spend the evening before the flight with ...... thats right Catherine so i had to spend an evening with a women who was ruining my life.
On the flight back i just kept crying and (blanked-fiance) said "its not over unless we get an email from master saying this is what he wants" Eventually we got back to our house and (blanked-fiance) cleared all his stuff out and moved it to (blanked-friend) and 2 hours later her came back and said it was definately over between us. I asked if he had a reply from master and he said "no but Catherine knows whats best for me" i just could not believe this was happening. (blanked-fiance) then told me that he was booking a flight for himself to go back to India to spend a month with Catherine and to sort his head out and when he got back he would decide what he wanted.
I could not understand what was going on so i emailed master myself and asked if he wanted us to end the relationship and he replied saying "i would never tell anyone to end their relationship, you have my blessings to be together and be happy" i showed (blanked-fiance) and he said that it was a positive sign for us but then he spoke to Catherine about it and she said that because master is not a medium his inside and outside say different things but his inside wanted our relationship to end!
So as far as (blanked-fiance) was concerned our engagement was over. He made me pack my stuff and move back to my mums house and when i told her the full story she said "You are better off without him, he is obviously brainwashed" and then she showed me text messages that (blanked-fiance) had sent her that said "I will never ever leave your daughter and i will always look after her"
I was so upset at what happened that i emailed master with the whole story and asked him if Catherine was who she said she was. I got a reply saying
"You must look into your heart and use your wisdom to decide if it is real" but i wanted real answers so i persued it and i eventually i got a reply which said:
"Who is catherine and what advice she has given you is your concern. We are not aware of her and we have no interest in her wither (either??)"
I sent this email to (blanked-friend) and (blanked-fiance) but (blanked-friend) says he will make his own mind up and (blanked-fiance) is no longer talking to me (probably on the advice of Catherine)
Catherine Lauret is a dangerous women and anyone who comes in contact with her should be on their guard and beware! She has ruined my life and she is ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what she wants!


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Alexis a dit…

@ tous les abhyasis,
Je vous l'avais bien dit que Ajay n'est qu'un pantin...
En matière de prédiction, je suis au top ! peut-être est-ce moi le prochain représentant spirituel ?

Alexis a dit…

Trève de plaisanterie, et toujours à propos de Whispers :

le 29 novembre dernier à bangalore, chari a lancé les commandes pour le troisième volume de whispers, et cette fois ce n'est plus 5 volumes dont il a parlé, mais 12 ! Rien que ça...

Aura-t-il encore le temps de vivre 10 ans de plus pour voir l'intégralité paraître ? Et va-t-il continuer à utiliser les dons de medium d'une femme qui remet en cause son autorité et ses décisions ?

Alexis a dit…

Pour retrouver mes commentaires complets sur cette sombre histoire, et l'intégralité de son témoignage

Anonyme a dit…


Un nouveau messages de "Rose X":

(J'ai aussi recu un requete de Rose X me demandant d'enlever son temoignage parce qu'elle et sa famille apparamment recoivent des menaces ...) J'ai refuse et lui ai suggere de dire a la police)

Alors il y a maintenant "Medium No 1" et "Medium No 2" (Catherine Lauret)... Qui est celle qui est accepte de Chari, nous ne savons pas... mais je doute que ce soit "Catherine Lauret" apres notre "expose"..

Hi everyone, this is "rose"

I do have a photo of catherine but i cant post it online as my ex fiance is in the picture and i have to respect his privacy.

Everything written in my story is 100% true.

When i was in India Catherine told us there were 2 french mediums who received messaged from Babuji one was her and there was another one but she did not tell us her name.

If people think my story is not true then they can but i dont know why i would waste time making up such a ridiculous story-i do have better things to do.

Anyway since all this has happened my ex fiancee and his friend have had clarification from Master that Catherine Lauret is not who she says she is and they are no longer following her.



Alexis a dit…

Chari & Asimov, même combat
Des Fondations au Sahaj Marg, il n’y a qu’un pas

Ron Hubbard, fondateur de l’Eglise de scientologie, fut un auteur de science fiction. Rael l’a introduite dans le quotidien des raeliens avec le clonage. Chari, quant à lui, en est un grand amateur. L’intérêt pour la science fiction serait-il un point commun à nos gourous d’aujourd’hui ?
Après Chari et les médiums, voici Chari et la science fiction…
Chari a un faible particulier pour la série des fondations du célèbre auteur de science fiction, Isaac Asimov. Il lui arrive régulièrement d’en parler à ses abhyasis, comme il l’a encore fait dernièrement à Coimbatore le 15 décembre. Mais il a aussi personnellement veillé à ce qu’elle figure dans la bibliothèque du CREST de Bangalore, aux côtés d’ouvrages traitant de religion et de spiritualité.

De quoi s’agit-il donc ?
Dans le cycle des Fondations, Isaac Asimov a imaginé l’avenir de l’humanité. Tout commence avec l’effondrement d’un empire galactique et l’invention de la psychohistoire, une science de prévision du futur. Les parallèles avec notre propre histoire sont fréquents, depuis l’émiettement de l’empire de Trantor qui n’est pas sans rappeler la chute de Rome, jusqu’à l’ascension du Clown/Mulet celle de Napoléon Bonaparte.
Au début du cycle, Asimov illustre quelques grandes lois du pouvoir, en bon Machiavel de la science fiction. Ainsi de l’épisode démontrant la domination du pouvoir spirituel sur le pouvoir temporel, car on ne désobéit pas à son Dieu. Ensuite la série se focalise plus particulièrement sur le mentalisme, un contrôle mental sur les gens qui permet d’influencer l’esprit des foules. C’est l’opposition des deux fondations, la première matérialiste qui maîtrise les sciences physiques et la seconde, secrète et mentaliste, qui la contrôle.
Le cycle s’achève sur l’opposition entre les mentalistes de la seconde fondation et un super organisme planétaire, Gaïa, doté d’une conscience collective et télépathique.

Ce qui est extraordinairement passionnant dans tout cela, ce qu’il faut en retenir, c’est que Chari a trouvé cela suffisamment intéressant pour le faire figurer aux côtés des écrits des plus grands spiritualistes, dans la bibliothèque du CREST, à destination de l’élite de ses cadres.
Qu’est ce donc qui le passionne à ce point dans ce roman fleuve ? La domination du pouvoir spirituel sur le temporel ? Le contrôle mental d’un groupe sur un autre ? Ou bien le super organisme gaïen qui ressemble tant à son cher 'egregore', domination d’une conscience multiple et perte d’indépendance et d’intimité de l’individu ? On nage en plein délire new age…

Suggérons à Chari s’il ne l’a pas encore fait d’aller voir Avatar de James Cameron. Les Na’vis de Pandora et leurs connections avec tous les êtres de la création devraient l’enchanter.
Des fondations d’Asimov au Pandora de Cameron, on est plongé au cœur de la décadence new age de la civilisation occidentale, et le gourou indien Chari semble s’y complaire…
sur leur présence peut-être déjà effective ou imminente dans la Galaxie.