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Kamlesh Patel (1/04/2015)

14 décembre 2009

Clark Powell reprend de nouveau ses distances…

Clark Powell, ancien précepteur du Sahaj Marg dans l'Alabama et membre du conseil d'administration de la SRCM aux Etats-Unis, est l'auteur d'un des best seller de la SRCM, "The Sahaj Marg Companion".
D'après Shashwat Pandey, Powell aurait publié divers commentaires sur Facebook où il explique pourquoi il a pris ses distances et finalement décidé de quitter l'organisation. En voici un extrait, selon Shashwat, car ces commentaires ont mystérieusement disparu depuis :

For more than a decade, this article appeared on the official Sahaj Marg and SRCM websites with some of my other published work. These re-appeared (without permission) in various websites and blogs not related to SRCM. I didn't care, as long as they were re-produced accurately and someone found them useful. At the request of Santosh Khanjee in representing the Mission, the rights to this were signed over to SRCM and in a subsequent, much more restrictive legal instrument, he apparently included anything I might write or produce in the future writings.
On 11/3/2009, I requested that my published writings be removed from the SRCM websites, and I am grateful that this request was immediately enacted. For five years, beginning with my return to active participation in February 2003, I began to see something that had not been so pronounced in 1997. The group of less than a half-dozen men that Chariji chose to run SRCM and surround himself had grown more and more powerful. From my own unique vantage point of outside-insider (and this personal relation with Chariji caused considerable jealousy and consternation with some of the insiders) I saw some of the private in-fighting within this group first-hand, and also the power plays and arrogance of certain people. of trying to point out the arrogance and insularity of the circle of powerful, wealthy individuals he had chosen to surround him, especially Santosh Khanjee of Austin,Texas, who reads every email addressed to Chariji before it is forwarded to him. Though I never saw the final version of the DVD set, I was present for most of the tapings, and I hear that some of my questions were included. I find it sad that Cahriji himself is aware of the politics and power=plays, and even spoke of it at his son's farm on the videos. But Chariji has told me on several occasions that even he is captive to the organization he has created.
"If I had my way, I would never leave Satkhol. I would let others run the Mission. But my master would not allow this." I felt I should add a personal clarification to my guru, the gist of which follows:
Sir: No explanation has been asked nor is one needed. Still, after all these years, etiquette seems to suggest some sort of explanation would be right. My esteem for my friends in Sahaj Marg, and to my great Freind, has not lessened. Nor will my gratitude - for everything, even that which was not best for me personally - ever go away. Just so, I remain grateful to professors and grade-school teachers and old friends who taught me things I need at the time - this gratitude will never go, even years later, when you may have moved on to other things. As you remember, on many occasions I did attempt to make these and other views known in private to those who make decisions. I meditated for months and now years over some things, and held my silence. But now I can no longer put off what must be done. I hope you will appreciated, even if you do not agree, that for me This is a matter personal truth, integrity, and responsibility - my own sva-dharma, [the truth of the heart, "one's own way/dharma."] It would be false and wrong to allow the use of my name and my writings to support and to promote SRCM to others when I see that these writings describe a different Sahaj Marg, a Sahaj Marg that no longer exists.

En clair, il semblerait donc que Clark Powell a voulu adresser ses critiques sur la SRCM à son cercle d'amis sur Facebook. Aussitôt que l'information a filtré au-delà de son cercle, il les en a enlevées ne semblant pas vouloir alimenter la polémique au dehors.
Selon le texte fourni par Shashwat, il ne serait pas content que la SRCM et d'autres blogs ou websites diffusent ses écrits ou ses 14 années d'enregistrements de conversations avec Chari. Un accord avait été passé avec la SRCM sur son best seller, et non pas sur ses publications suivantes, mais la SRCM a continué de diffuser ses écrits sans plus rien lui demander. Sont-ce les pertes sur les droits d'auteurs espérés qui le font réagir ? ou le peu de reconnaissance qu'on lui prodigue ?
Powell conserve sa confiance et son amitié à son gourou Chari, mais il critique l'organisation SRCM actuelle, pilotée par une demi douzaine de personnes imbues de pouvoir, tel Santosh Khanjee. D'après lui, Chari lui aurait même dit qu'il se sentait captif de son organisation SRCM, mais que Babuji refuse qu'il en quitte la présidence.
Bref, Powell a fini par écrire à Chari qu'il quittait la SRCM car elle décrit un Sahaj Marg différent de celui des origines.

Quel crédit peut-on accorder à ce texte ?
Cela fait déjà un bon moment que Clark Powell émet des doutes sur la SRCM, s'en éloigne puis y revient pour mieux s'en éloigner. En 1997, il démissionne de toutes ses fonctions. Au printemps 2003, il rencontre de nouveau Chari aux USA puis renoue avec lui lors d'un voyage en novembre suivant à Satkhol en Inde. Courant mai 2004, il met en service un website intitulé pour les "voyageurs spirituels", avec blog et forums. Le 2 juillet suivant, Chari lui ordonne de le fermer : "I have been seeing the mails between you and others proliferating, and this causes me disquiet. By this mail I finally request you to stop your website permanently and oblige. I thank you for your obedience." Powell obtempère immédiatement, mais sa réponse laisse deviner une certaine incompréhension. Sans parler de sa frustration… Jusqu'à sa nouvelle démission en 2009 !

Voici ce qu'il publiait ensuite sur le blog d'Elodie le 16 juin 2006
ELodie, 4-d Don, Michael, Christian:
I have been reading your blogs with interest. When I discovered a reference to me in this one, I decided to drop a note to thank you and to let you know that I am working on a book that I hope will address many of the concerns expressed and correct a few misconception based on my direct experience and 14 years of recording conversations with Chariji -- I mean recording verbatim, on tape.
I once asked Chari if I could ask him ANYTHING, even those questions some might consider rude or impertinent. He was delighted -- and our conversations ever since have been "no-holds-barred"! I never hesitated to ask the kinds of questions a child would ask, or an enemy -- for enemies are considered valuable gurus to true sadhaks.
Even so, I too once got frustrated with what I thought were the foibles and political machinations of my fellow abhyasis (what group of humans is without these things) and left the Mission to go off on my own to think over some of the issues brought up here, resigned as board member of SRCM USA and as preceptor, and after a spell, returned. I suppose I now have over 200 hours taped of what seems to be a single vast conversation, one in which we have discussed seemingly everything under the sun and maybe a few things OVER the sun as well!
My Master has always insisted that abhyasis think for themselves, and that the REAL "master" is to be found within. There is much I would say about the ancient guru-disciple tradation, beyond what was published in Yoga International or in The Sahaj Marg Companion. But right now I'm amidst the chaos of liquidating all my stuff and moving to India. I'll be offline for a spell but maybe later on I can pick up and clarify.
I'm also supposed to be working on some books, and in the frank and heartfelt discussion on these blogs I find impetus and inspiration -- I thank you all for your courage and honesty!
I don't know how long it will take me to finish the book(s) or video(s) about Chariji and Sahaj Marg but I trust you will stay tuned.
BTW, did you ever hear the one about the demon Ravanna, the sworn enemy of Lord Rama? Seems Ravanna got liberated BEFORE most of Lord Rama's devotees. Chariji told me this was because in Ravanna's passion, he was in constant remembrance of Lord Rama to a great degree.
"I suppose, then, it's important to hate the right people?" I said.
"Yes," Master replied. "Bhakti is comparatively easy -- many can love half-heartedly. But who can hate with constancy and one-pointed purity of a Ravanna?"
Live, love, and laugh a lot (for God's sake, and your own, and for the rest of us, too)! Well, that's all. For now. Stay tuned...

Puis le lendemain 17 juin 2006, il refait surface sur wikipedia pour compléter son message :
"... with apologies for bending Yeats, to Elodie, 4-d Don, Michael, and Christian ~
I have been reading your blogs with interest. When I discovered a reference to a Sahaj Sandesh report I wrote and to my old blog (now closed to the public) in Elodie's, I decided to drop a note to thank you all. I'm also supposed to be working on some books, and the frank and heartfelt discussion on these blogs finally gives me, lazy fellow that I am, impetus and inspiration.
To me, such outspoken honesty deserves sincere and serious consideration!"
"And it is my humble hope that 14 years of recording verbatim conversations with Chariji can address many of the concerns, hurt, indignation, and frankly misconceptions I have read. I suppose there are now have over 200 hours taped of what now seems to be a single vast conversation, one in which we have discussed seemingly everything under the sun and maybe a few things over the sun as well!"
"The Masters have always insisted that abhyasis think for themselves, and that the REAL "master" is to be found within."
"Especially for Westerners, there is much to say about the ancient guru-disciple tradition, beyond what I could write in Yoga International or in The Sahaj Marg Companion."
"Even though I supposedly "knew" this stuff, I too once got frustrated with the 3-M's: the Mission and what I thought were the foibles of my fellow abhyasis -- what group of humans is without these things? -- and doubts about the Master and Method? (But more on this later, perhaps.) For these and other, personal reasons of my own, in 1997 I left the Mission. My idea was to try to see originally, to get some perspective. Master kindly referred to this hiatus as a sabbatical"
"but at the time I felt I would never return, since my temperament tends toward the solitary."
"This was also a problem for me during my days in a Soto Zen community, where everything is done as a group, Japanese-style. I stayed alone to think over some of the same issues brought up in your blogs. I resigned as board member of SRCM-USA and as preceptor."
"I kept in touch with Chariji by email, and went to pay my respects when he visited the States in August, 2003."
"I was making rather awkward small-talk about the ashram at Manappakkam when once again, he invited me to visit a new ashram at a place called Satkhol: "You have seen the South Pole already, Clark. Now you must see the North Pole!" I knew what he meant."
"He smiled mischievously: "If it will help I will make it a command!""
"So in November 2003, after seven years away, I was back in India, "
"I felt I would never return".
"as Chariji says, back "with the lion in his own den.""
"In Haridwar in a room crowded with about 200 abhyasis I was playing my comfortable role as journalist, trying to get my new video camera rolling, and you could see that Master was in a mood to talk. Waving off other questions, he looked at me and said, "Well?" As usual I had no questions prepared and not a thing in my head, so to stall for time, I asked Chariji if I could ask him anything, even questions some that were present might consider rude or impertinent. He smiled and laughed the high giggling laugh, one of his three laughs, the kind when he is surprised and delighted: "Of course. Please do!" I immediately asked him about his successor, if he knew now who it was, and off we went!"
"I can say that our conversations and correspondence have been "no-holds-barred" -- about building fancy ashrams, about the parampara or lineage, including Lalaji's Sufi guru (I also corresponded and later met R.K. Gupta in Delhi and recorded an interview with him)"
"but the wonders of those five weeks at Satkhol and later in Chennai were extra special. In Haridwar, after I'd turned off the camera (I was to discover that these moments often happened when no camera or tape recorder was going) Master said something that went right to my core. the conversation got around to why people leave the Mission, and I said that I didn't know about others, but in my case, it was because of the emphasis on buildings and the politics and that I had tried to depart with respect and --
"And I felt a crackling in the air, and the hairs on the nape of my neck tingling."
"The old man was transmitting something somehow in his words, just as I felt the very first time I met him in 1992 and asked him my first question.
He continued, and I have to tell you that these words went right into my heart: "You left because you have a poor self-image and you were afraid to let yourself be loved!"
"So with Chariji I never hesitated to ask the kinds of questions a child would ask, or even an enemy -- for enemies are considered valuable gurus to true sadhaks."
"From the very beginning I always had the feeling that the conversations were meant to be shared, and lately Master has made this fact very clear: "Much of what we just talked about has never been written," he told me after another typically impromptu session last January in Rudrapur. He looked at me and said, "So you better get busy, Clark. You are always recording, recording, and never producing!""
"Yikes. I don't know how long it will take me to finish the book(s) or video(s) about Chariji and Sahaj Marg but it better not be too long!
BTW, did yall ever hear the one about the famous asura or demon Ravanna, the sworn enemy of Lord Rama? Seems Ravanna got liberated BEFORE most of Lord Rama's devotees! Chariji told me this was because in Ravanna's passion, he was in a very intense state of constant remembrance of Lord Rama -- and the central law of raja yoga that we become that which we think in our hearts."
""I suppose, then, it's important to hate the right people?" I said.
"Yes," Master replied. "Bhakti is comparatively easy -- many can love half-heartedly. But who can hate with constancy and intensity of a Ravanna?""
"For all of us,"
"Elodie, Don, Michael, Christian, and if I may include myself, are still thinking of a Master (even if you do not consider Chariji to be one, you are nonetheless thinking of what a Master should be, yes?). Maybe not often, but you think about this enough and with enough intensity to cause you to make blogs about the Master, the Mission, and the Method."
"The hierarchy of the Masters of Sahaj Marg and all Masters teach the obvious, that we are all masters."
"What is it that we can claim that belongs to us? "No, God, you are not allowed into MY private hell, my secret shame!" Nonsense. Not just our virtues, our faith, our charity come from God. Even our "vices," our suspicions, our doubts, our fears belong to God. The difference between us and the greatest Avatars? Babuji Maharaj put it simply: we have more coverings."
"I like to remind myself daily: Why did I get born -- and why am I still here? What's my mission? Questions like these help me sort though what is important and what is not important. Lots of times these questions turn upside-down my notions of what is "good" or desireable and what is "bad.""
"It's good we meditate on the supposition of light -- who can argue with that?"
"So let's lighten up. Live a lot, love a lot -- and for God's sake (and our own, and for everybody else's sake, too) laugh a lot (and especially if we can laugh at ourselves) Simple stuff. Pause. Catch your breath and lower the threshold of your attention."
"Feel yourself widen out like a circle on water, lay back and learn! Joy, cheerfulness, ease, an abiding sense of gratitude -- these are sure signs we're back in close contact with Reality."
"And so to end this meditation, let us say together with the Looney Tunes, Th- th- th-That's all, folks! Meanwhile, stay tuned... Sakha 22:29, 17 June 2006 (UTC)

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Anonyme a dit…


Tu pourras remarquer qu'en comparant SRCM, Sahaj Marg, et les deux formes de "Shri Ram Chandra Mission", que la plupart des "recherches" sur GOOGLE parviennent des "INDES" (quatre villes), suivit de l'Italie, du Denmark, de la France, UK, USA, et Canada.

Mais le curieux et dans le language... le Danois est le premier, suivit de l'Italien, etc...

Ca peut dire que les recherches parviennent des INDES mais en Italien et en Danois??

Ca doit parvenir de l'ecole LMOIS par des enseignantes ... ou ??

Si on compare le Sahaja Yoga avec le SRCM or le Sahaj Marg, le Sahaj Marg est loin "sur GOOGLE"... Si on compare les autre religions, le Sahaj marg de compte pas du tout...

Alors... c'est encourageant...



Anonyme a dit…


On remarque que la plupart des "hits" sur GOOGLE, sont en "mai, juin, juillet".. la fete de Chari...


Alexis a dit…

@ Don,
Je ne suis pas sûr d'être capable d'interpréter les résultats
Une autre démarche à laquelle je me suis prêté est de regarder le nombre de résultats pour une recherche sur google. Je te confirme que le sahaj marg et la srcm à côté des religions officielles ou même d'autres mouvements à dérives sectaires, ce n'est presque rien du tout !

Alexis a dit…

Clark Powell sur le web c'est entre autres:

Alexis a dit…

Ci-dessous le post de Stéphanie sur mon website

Stéphanie a dit…
bonjour, je me permets de vous contacter car j'ai une amie qui est rentrée dans ce "mouvement" il y a deja trois ans mais ses parents viennent juste de l'apprendre ( et moi avec); quels conseils nous donneriez vous pour essayer de la raisonner et de l'en faire sortir ? moi je ne suis pas censée etre au courant et ne peux donc lui en parler franchement et de plus nous vivons eloignés l'une de l'autre
nous sommes un peu perdu sur la meilleure demarche a adopter pour ne pas la buter
merci d'avance de votre aide

Ma réponse…
Bonjour Stéphanie,
Faut-il chercher à la faire sortir de la SRCM, au risque de l'affronter directement et de l'amener à vous fuir ?
Ou bien ne vaudrait-il pas mieux l'écouter raconter son expérience au sein de la Mission et la faire parler sur ce sujet (généralement, les abhyasis essaient d'intéresser les autres à leur pratique, cela n'a rien de secret). Et lorsqu'elle en parle, de pointer les aspects qui vous semblent les plus liberticides, tout en reconnaissant l'intérêt qu'elle porte à sa quête spirituelle ?

Je me résume : ouvrir le dialogue sur sa pratique, pour garder le contact et le renforcer, se montrer compréhensif par rapport à sa quête, mais dénoncer diplomatiquement les excès qui l'accompagnent.
L'important n'est pas de la faire quitter la SRCM (vous n'y arriverez pas), mais de rester en étroite relation (empêcher qu'elle se replie sur la seule SRCM), et tenter de l'amener à réfléchir par elle-même sur sa pratique et ses dérives les plus évidentes, dans l'espoir qu'elle décide elle-même de mettre un terme à son engagement.

Je poste votre interrogation et ma réponse sur le blog d'Elodie, où vous aurez peut-être d'autres avis plus éclairés que le mien