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Kamlesh Patel (1/04/2015)

19 novembre 2008

Sahaj Marga et Naqshbandiya

Babuji s'explique

J'ai trouvé une lettre de Babuji datant de 1963 sur le site internet de NaqshMuMRa International Fellowship, la lignée soufie issue de Lalaji, actuellement conduite par son petit-fils.
Babuji y exprime son opinion, comme quoi le "Sahaj Marga" a remplacé les différentes confréries soufies qui lui apparaissent comme dépassées.
A lire intégralement sur’sattentionplease


There has been a common anxiety of the intellectuals about the roots of “Sahaj Marg” (a spiritual-system propagated by Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur), whether or not is an offshoot of Sufism, mainly because on the grounds of its declared “Aadiguru” (founder-spiritual-Master), Mahatma Ramchandra (Laalaaji) Maharaj of Fatehgarh (UP) was a saint-preceptor of Naqshbandiya-sufi-nisbat (esoteric-lineage).
Recently we have received a scanned-copy of a personal letter signed by the Founder President of ‘Shri Ram Chandra Mission’, Shahjahanpur (UP). The sender of this document is Shri S.R.D. Kudesia (Sampat Baabu) of Fatehgarh (UP). Shri Bhagwan Bharose Vaidya, the addressee of this letter was Sampat Baabu’s father and an adherent of Rev. Laalaaji Maharaj, right from his Govt. service-period in Fatehgarh-courts.
The concerned parties may use of the contents of the document, subjected here above.

Feb. 14, 1963
My dear Bhagwan Bharosey
I have gone through your letter address-
ed to Dr. L.P.Srivastava. I am very thankful to you for having
graced our annual function by your kind presence. Your company,
short though it was, was very joyful to me and I long to have it
I am also grateful to you for your appreciation of my
thought which usually none even gives time to hear about. I am
where I ought to be and I sincerely wish that all of us may be up
to know and practise what is actually real.
Times have undergone radical changes but to my greatest
regret I find our brothers sleeping yet. The Mohamadan systems
have all breathed their last and this, 'The Sahaj Marga' the only ONE has now emerg
ed out in their place. Its teachings and methods widely differ
from those of the old systems in many respects. One having a deve
loped vision and being sensitive to some extent at least, can
easily mark well the difference between the two. The method of
training and the nature of Faez are all purely Hinduised and they
are free from all superfluous things introduced into the ways of
transmission under those systems. The spiritual connections
of all Mohamadan Sansthas - Naqshbandi, Chishti and all -
have been cut off. The fact has been discovered by most of the
prominent Mohamadan saints of standing, even, and I know
of one who acknowledged this fact before my brother disciple
Shri Rameshwar Prasad Misra.
I do not mean to induce you or any body else to accept it
on my words but I simply point it out to every one to study and
judge for himself. The changing nature of the world is a clear
indication of it. Every one should now qualify himself for the
new system which has come down direct from above. Then alone
shall he be capable of transmitting on others the desired effect
My revered Master has prepared me for this sort of work. During
his life time he valued my letters to him so highly that he pre-
served them safely. All of them depict something or the other
of the Nature's course which is being displayed today.
I have authorised Dr. Lalta Prasad Srivastava to impart
spiritual training to Abhyasis through transmission. I am con-
fident that he will do his job well and shall be thoroughly
capable of standing all tests.
With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,
Ram Chandra

12 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Shashwat, just ask yourself how it can trap people so deeply, this will give you a track.
You are far from having understood anything if you refuse to consider some of the spiritual aspects by just claiming it is bullshit.

"If Chari can produce another religion, ummmmmmmm he is not good enough for that"
Do not believe that it is the main central actor in this creating process. It is the whole system's product, but mainly the followers will be involved in the establishment of this religion.
Christianity was not generated by Christ but by his followers.
Same with all the other religions.
Religion is a fall, a drift from the initial teaching, and it will be so so long as human beings will not be able to grab the essentials.
Which can take a few more hundreds of thousands of years.

"old sick prostitute in early morning hrs"
Never heard that one.
You meant: after a working night ?

"Some of them, fortunately only a few, the marriage is finished on the day of the marriage itself."
This is grace.

"But it is a tragedy for me because"
Ça fait baisser les statistiques.

"even one drop of poison in a big vessel of milk means a big vessel full of poison"
C'est pour cette raison que je recommande l'extermination systématique.

"Here we don't judge spiritual progress by success, we judge it by failure"
HA ! HA ! HA ! HA ! HAAAaaaarggh !
1) Mariage = spiritualité ?!?!!????!!!??????!!!!!!
2) Il a trouvé comment contourner le problème du non-avancement des abhyasis. Tant que ça stagne c'est bon
Il mesure les chutes spirituelles grâce au taux de divorce. De mieux en mieux... Il a le cerveau moisi.

"And in that sense our marriages have failed too often for my comfort"
Ça ne lui vient pas à l'idée que c'est parce qu'il choisit mal lorsqu'il fait l'appariement ? Qu'il se remette en question et s'occupe de spiritualité, du progrès des abhyasis, au lieu de jouer les entremetteuses.

"Though my boys tell me, "Only three, saab [sir]." Should not have been even one."
On aime le "my boys".
Nous voici donc revenu au temps des colonies, Chari a ses boys.
Et il ne supporte toujours pas l'échec.

"somewhere the teaching has been lost"
C'est ce qu'on répète depuis combien de mois ?
Mais en plus on a expliqué ce qu'était ce mystérieux "somewhere".


Anonyme a dit…

cri cri,

If sahaj marg has any trace of spirituality or not, I have an opinion about this which I have made clear, I feel more comfortable discussing this aspect with someone who is part of chari's gang, rather than with you, at this point I agree to dis-agree with you.

About Christ and Christianity, chari cannot even dream about being at this level, he is just a mouse, not more than that, sahaj marg will not convert into a religion because it does not have a strong foundation like that of Christ or Buddha or Mohammad, chari is just a fake person, fighting court cases for his living and saving his skin, babuji did not made sahaj marg strong enough to grow in a positive direction, hence since his death, sahaj marg has degraded and is continued to degrade, have a look at some Russian cults, they predicted that world would end last May, and their followers were hiding in a cave, will that cult become a religion ? sahaj marg is one such cult.


Anonyme a dit…

about current topic, so we have yet another claim for ownership of sahaj marg transmission...


What was this man doing? Appointing a new successor every 10 yrs??

No doubt sahaj marg has come to this disgraceful exit.


Anonyme a dit…

Salut a tous... (correction)

Encore de la fumee...

I have gone through your letter address-ed to Dr. L.P.Srivastava.

et vers la fin de la lettre:

I have authorised Dr. Lalta Prasad Srivastava to impart
spiritual training to Abhyasis through transmission.

SP Srivastava, ex-president (interim) de la SRCM apres la mort de Babuji, et le Dr. LP Srivastava, mentionne dans cette lettre, est-ce le meme type?

En 1963, la date sur la lettre, il y a des freres qui sont "endormis"? Qui des freres? Et ca veut dire quoi?:

Times have undergone radical changes but to my greatest
regret I find our brothers sleeping yet.

Alors les systemes Ramashram, et les Sufis etc... ne sont plus "vivant" et "SEUL" le Sahaj Marga les remplace? Pourtant, ces organizations sont toujours la!

The Mohamadan systems
have all breathed their last and this, 'The Sahaj Marga' the only ONE has now emerg
ed out in their place. Its teachings and methods widely differ
from those of the old systems in many respects.

The spiritual connections
of all Mohamadan Sansthas - Naqshbandi, Chishti and all -
have been cut off. The fact has been discovered by most of the
prominent Mohamadan saints of standing, even, and I know
of one who acknowledged this fact before my brother disciple
Shri Rameshwar Prasad Misra.

Les "systemes Musulmans" ne sont-ils donc plus en contact avec le Createur, comme l'est presentement le Sahaj Marga de SRCM(California) de Chari? Est-ce que ca se voit avec le SRCM(California) de Chari? Ou de Navneet? Est-ce une autre tentative de la famille de Lalaji de supporter Chari?

Les Naqshbandi, les Chishti, les Ramashrams du Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay Ji, les Sufis de Irene Tweedie sont toujours la! Est-ce que Babuji derape? En connaissez-vous plus que moi??

The method oftraining and the nature of Faez are all purely Hinduised and they are free from all superfluous things introduced into the ways of transmission under those systems.

Ca veut dire quoi "hinduised"? Et quel "superflue" a ete enleve? Et "Faez", c'est quoi?

Trop de questions et pas de clarifications... Comme tous religieux, ils se proclament eux-memes et attaquent la legitimite des autres. Est-ce qu'on peut croire quoi que ce soit de ce qu'ils disent?

During his life time he valued my letters to him so highly that he pre-served them safely. All of them depict something or the other
of the Nature's course which is being displayed today.

Il se vante lui-meme! Et ce cours de la Nature, c'est quoi qui est "displayed" en 1963? Est-ce de la prophesie? et comme certains prophetes, est-il intentionellement ambigue?

Et les lettre de Babuji que Lalaji aurait sauve, qui les a maintenant? Peut-on les lire? Sont-elles precieuses pour Babuji seulement et pas necessairement pour Lalaji et sa succession. Apres tout, Babuji n'etait meme pas precepteur dans le satsangh de Lalaji, et a recontre Lalaji une couple de fois seulement. Qui a prepare Babuji pour ce "work"? Lalaji dans ces reves, 13 ans apres sa mort?

Clarification si c'est possible, et reaction... SVP


Alexis a dit…

Sympa le Babuji,
En gros, vous avez fait votre temps, maintenant c'est à moi d'occuper la place, otez vous de là que je m'y mette avec ma version hindouisée plus dans l'air du temps que la mahométane...
Et puis on retrouve le sahaj margA dont nous avait déjà parlé christian (voie facile plutot que voie naturelle, si je me souviens bien)

Anonyme a dit…

Pas vraiment instructif en soi, on retrouve des informations qui étaient déjà connues.

"The method of training and the nature of Faez are all purely Hinduised and they are free from all superfluous things introduced into the ways of transmission under those systems"
1) Sahaj marg = Sufisme Hindouisé
2) Dégagé d'aspects rituels propres à l'Islam

Bref il s'agissait bien d'effacer toute trace de l'Islam et de réassaisonner l'enseignement sufi à la sauce Hindoue.

"The spiritual connections of all Mohamadan Sansthas - Naqshbandi, Chishti and all - have been cut off"
Là c'est un peu plus mystérieux.
1) Soit cela signifie que les sectes mahométanes n'ont plus de connection au divin mais que seule la secte de Babuji demeure -- sympa et très spirituel
2) Soit cela signifie que la secte de Babuji s'est spirituellement dégagée de toute connection aux sectes mahométanes
La tournure de la phrase laisse plutôt penser que c'est bien de la première alternative dont parle Babuji, en particulier avec le contexte de cette lettre ("The Mohamadan systems have all breathed their last" et "The Sahaj Marga' the only ONE has now emerged out in their place"), mais aussi dans le contexte de ce qu'il a rédigé dans ses journaux spirituels.

Ceci amène donc une remarque concernant les auteurs du site d'où provient cette lettre: Pourquoi publient-ils un document qui en fin de compte justifie la nullité complète de leur mouvement ? S'agit-il encore de politique Charique pour fusionner les groupuscules issus de Lalaji avec sa secte ? J'avais cru comprendre que les 2 compères, Chari et le petit-fils ou arrière-petit-fils de Lalaji étaient copains comme cochons, ou à tout le moins en contact. Encore un victime de terrorisme, qui ne veux pas courir le risque de se réincarner, ou s'agit-il d'intox ?

Enfin, il faut remarquer que la date du document est 1963. L'eau a coulé sous les ponts depuis, et ce qui pouvait être vrai à cette époque l'est-il encore aujourd'hui concernant le sahaj marg ? Aussi, le texte de Babuji est-il à prendre avec précaution plutôt que comme une preuve qu'il faille rallier la SRCMtm, ce que les auteurs du site cherchent visiblement à faire faire aux gens. Babuji écrirait-il cela aujourd'hui s'il était en vie ?

PS: On comprend mieux pourquoi les gurus n'aiment pas les intellectuels: Ces derniers remettent en cause leur autorité en les confrontant à leurs incohérences et en les exposant.


Shashwat a dit…

there is something to be noted here, babuji is talking about roots of sahaj marg, which he says are based on Islamic teaching, and srcm is said to be modified version of "patanjali's raja yoga" there is no mention of any yoga in this letter leave apart "raja yoga" may be this letter will expose the cunning-ness of chari's gang wherein they claim sahaj marg is modified version of raja yoga, in reality, anyone with basic understanding of raja yoga will say, sahaj marg is not raja yoga, and chari is a lair.

side note:- after completing of my engineering, and before in entered into job market, i spent 3 months in "mayawati" a place in Himachal Pradesh, where Advetya ashram is present, studying "Raja Yoga" of patanjali, whatever basic understanding i have of raja yoga, sahaj marg is absolutely not it. This letter also confirms it.

Dinesh Kumar saxena is available on orkut, and has been visiting my profile for sometime now, I am not sure if he will present his view on sahaj marg


Anonyme a dit…

Hello Shashwat,

"I feel more comfortable discussing this aspect with someone who is part of chari's gang, rather than with you"
Of course, Charis' people are so moronic, brainwashed and arrogant that it is not very difficult to confound them.

It is possibly not so easy to come to a clear conclusion concerning sahaj marg when discussing with me because my position is not that of an idolater.
I agree that there is both dirt and spirituality mixed together, and it seems that the highest the spiritual level, the subtlest is the dirt and the most difficult to perceive it becomes.

This is surely one of the main difficulty that all these SRCMtm people are facing: It is so subtle that they don't even have an idea about it.
This is the reason why they should take a closer look at the fruits produced by their activity and start thinking about the possibility that something be wrong.
But can a fanatic do that ?

Additionnally, when ego becomes rarefied under the use of the teaching and technique, it becomes very difficult to see it and to see how it acts.
This is where drifts and falls occur.

I have no idea how this can be overcome, because the solution of abandoning yourself completely in the hands of the "master", suggested by Babuji and the Sufis of his lineage, can obviously be dangerous when your way crosses that of a Chari-like crook.
Such crooks seem to be legions.

I am sorry that your experience has brought you to this extreme position, and I am not going to try to soften it as it seems that I'm also psycho rigid for everything concerning Chari :-)
So, let us leave it there with a disagreement between us concerning the sahaj marg, we can continue to talk about what we agree !

"About Christ and Christianity, chari cannot even dream about being at this level"
You are correct, he is just a buffoon admiring the religious and political figure of Christ. This is the reason why he is constantly referring to him. However, as this buffoon is nothing else, he reveals his pathetic nature by constantly criticising Christ and his "mistakes".
Alas, Christ, the real historical person, was surely not this super-being that the church uses as the source of its power: The Unique Son of God !
It is all mythology for the purpose of mass manipulation and securing the source of divine authority on earth as unique.
Babuji seems to have followed exactly the same schema, which is not spirituality but power.

Therefore, what I was saying was that a religion is not created by the mystical figure who inspired it, but is an historical development coming later under the special care of the mazi Mafia. Religions are mental software, they are engineered for a political purposes by the dark masters. They are historical manipulation devices, and this is exactly what we are seeing now with SRCMtm, the preparation of a future -- which cannot be so bright considering the true nature of the SRCMtm and the spirit at its root.

Who cares if sahaj Marga is really so great or not, for such a purpose. Who cares if Chari or Babuji is as great or even greater than Christ and Krishna put together, this is not the point.
The point is that someone is going to use mythology as a device to have the sheeple generate a new religion, which in turn will serve later for a purpose that we do not perceive yet.


Anonyme a dit…

Hi Shashwat...,clinicalpsychologist,

This is what Dinesh teaches in his letter to Dr. Andrew Mezurecky
Clinical psychologist
California, USA ... He calls it in accordance with "Lalaji's... theology". Theology means the study of "theos", the Creator or God.

This does not sound like a theology but more a "theory" about points on the body and some unseen colors attached to them by a Mujjadin of the 11th century, ... It does not sound like SAHAJ MARG, so even Lalaji's fantasy role in this Sahaj Marg is "non-existent" and again confirms that it was just a "made-up" story (lie) by Babuji to gain credibility. Dinesh seems to refer to a system that is not "Ram Chandra's Sahaj Marg" but one attached to an 11th century Mujjadin mystic.

Dear and respected Brother!

Thank you once again for calling me on phone, on Thursday dated 08-02-2007. So for as I could understand your anxiety; it relates to the practice you are doing for the last several years and the resultant fruit, according to you, is not obvious.

See! Syaykh Ahmad, the Mujaddid of the 11th century has, according to the progress of a disciple in the upward (vertical) mystique course, seen different colors at different stages. He, a Naqshbandi mystic, is the discoverer of Six positions (chakkras or Latayaf) in the different parts of human body between the neck and the navel which he has called the six subtleties (“Latayaf-i-Sitta”), one encircling the other, much after the manner of kundalini of Patanjali. These subtleties are given below-

* Qualb- Located below the left-nipple where the sound of heart- throb is heard; fleeting vision is yellow.
* Soul- Located below the right nipple; fleeting vision is red.
* Serr- Located slightly above the qulb, but up-side the left nipple; fleeting vision is white.
* Khafi- Located slightly above the soul, but up-side the right nipple; fleeting vision is black.
* A-khafi-Located in the middle, up- side ‘serr’ and ‘khafi’, i.e, vertically straight- above the navel, at the place of hiccough; fleeting vision is green.
* Nafs- Located near the navel-point; fleeting vision is blue.

The description given here above at Sl. No. 01 to 05 is in accordance with the theology of H.H.Mahatma Ramchandra ji (Laalaaji) Maharaj. The 06th one is “Nafs”. It has four-folded faculties, i.e. retentive faculty, imagination, thinking faculty and the fancy. The centripetal force that keeps all these together, and the common ground of their meeting, is Common sense; this is the analysis of the mind according to the old Psychology; it need not be discussed here in the light of modern researches.

...see complete letter and exchange of e-mails at:,clinicalpsychologist,

Anonyme a dit…

few days back i had written about origin of sahaj marg, below i am reproducing the same, as it is in same context.:

What is sahaj marg ?

Nov 14
I have already explained that sahaj marg has got nothing to do with Raja Yoga of patanjali,
Chari's gang uses this term "Modified version of Patanjali's Raja Yoga" to represent sahaj marg, which is far from truth, K.C Naryana's version of Sahaj marg is comparatively better "Babuji's version of Raja Yoga" .
But what is actually sahaj marg ? nothing can come out from nothing, Chari is a manipulative criminal, who is fooling people, but that does not mean there is nothing in this concept, originally the concept of "transmission" and "constant remembrance" and unquestionable devotion to the "Guru" is from Islamic branch of spirituality, called sufism. The concept of "Guru Withing" is also originated from Sufi order, they were the people who were not part of social fabric in the way a normal householder would be following.
Original concept of "transmission" "constant remembrance" and devotion to "mursheed" (urdu term for guru) is fragmented but alive in some form or other, the original concept does not deal with transmission of spiritual power from one to many, but was only from guru to the disciple who is guru in waiting, not to everyone, this sufi concept of transmission was NOT for women getting transmitted in a closed room by a lusty, sex frustrated, preceptor of chari, it was very pure, and was there for a reason.
Nov 14
The concept which was followed by lalaji is still in its pure form run by a small group, they have their immature site here linage of sufi mystic's where this transmission actually happened from guru to disciple can be found here
Chari has destroyed not only the concept, but as a chain reaction, it has also destroyed numerous life's, its like giving wrong medicine for wrong disease. Sahaj Marg will come to a disgraceful end, but theory of transmission etc will remain in the form they should be there.
Those who want to follow sufi concepts should follow that, chari is a fool, but a dangerous one, because he claims to be an intelligent person, wherein less informed people can be fooled by that... Truth is very powerful and it will have its effect, on those who have been manipulated and fooled by this jerk criminal chari.
Nov 17 (4 days ago)

This note is from the person who is impersonating me on orkut and at blogs.:-

Hey Shashwat,

Come back and have pity on your inner self !!

Atleast for your sake you know what havoc are you creating on urself !!

Why is the need to push ones and rage on other people willing to move ahead on the true path of reality !!!

Come back brother ,,,, you know your efforts are going to yeild absolutely nothing , and if at all some abhyasi comes to ur blogs ,,, for sure he will return back to this true system with more force within !!!

So in all i can name you as a nature 's created catalyst !!

And offcourse the way you have chosen is for sure liberation... you keep thinking about the Highest " The Master " and so you are in constant rememberance !!1

So you have ur way quite clear !! But to others you are just throwing the curse !!

Why do you all come to this tricks !!

Its just played by a taunted brother called Shaswat .... trying to put all docs for His ego satisfaction not against SRCM but against his own higher Self !!!

Thanks Brother,
Shashwat !!!
Nov 18 (3 days ago)

Ha ha...ha ha...

This is fun...

I agree with Shashwat (lol)...

FREE Thinking will begin after the "thinking" is promoted by opposition. Doubt is the beginning of thinking... I doubt, therefore I THINK. I think therefore I am. (Rene Descartes)

Someone has a lot of time on their hands (us all)... I am doing the duty of exposing those who divide in the name of ONE... Then there are those who DIVIDE for the POWER of a CULT FIGURE and do not UNITE the world but DIVIDE it some more and still claim to be SPIRITUAL. And still they quote Babuji: SPIRITUALITY UNITES and RELIGION DIVIDES

Please post some more and expose yourself so we don't have to do it for the READER who could be a researcher or a SEEKER... Either way, to expose the TRUTH of how one becomes with Sahaj Marg is worth a fortune in TIME for us who want to "SHOW" how people become in Sahaj Marg...

Cyril Borg
Nov 18 (3 days ago)

One more thing I would like to clear, these documents or the site itself is not against anyone, all that I have done is simply listed the facts, with option that if anyone can refute them, it will be removed, neither the doc’s not the site is against anyone, it is simply listing of facts, I cannot help if facts about sahaj marg are soo negative and dirty, but without getting attached with the negativity of sahaj marg, I have listed them for everyone to read and decide, for those who can think after reading these un-refutable facts, will leave this cult, or if someone has been approached by some preceptor to become a member of this group, s/he has all the information s/he needed to know so that everyone makes an informed decision about go or no-go about this cult, and for people like you, who have been completely contaminated and drained off of all reasoning capabilities, will struggle and come-up with various antic’s likes yours of impersonating me, but eventually they will first understand that antic’s don’t work in real world, and than they will understand that sahaj marg has caused them to fall to such antic’s and that will be the moment of liberation from sahaj marg brainwashing and mind control, and they will also be able to free themselves of sahaj marg and SRCM once and for all.

I am here to provide all information that I can, that is all that I can and I will do.


Anonyme a dit…

Hi Anonymous,

This is something which I have been saying from day one, there is no trace of Raja Yoga in sahaj marg, but it is sold as "modified version of raja yoga" this is pity as how easily a scientific system has been mis-used, but given the condition currently, this is no surprise, during my recent trip to my home, i stayed in delhi for few days, and got an opportunity to visit "Osho Raja Yoga Meditation Center" it was home of one of osho's "synyasin" a lady who had invited me, i asked her as why she has named her home as "Osho Raja Yoga mediation center" as all she use to do is to invite people for some of the "osho" invented meditation techniques, like "dynamic mediation", "kudlini mediation" and "naad-bramha" again there was no raja yoga, she replied, yoga as understood today goes by the name of "Raja Yoga" no matter what-ever you do, even if you are sitting alone in a room, it becomes "raja yoga".

So i asked her why are you not honest!! as you know you are not teaching "raja yoga" hence why are you manipulating people in name of "raja yoga", she said, that's her only source of income and she does not want to change the name as people come there because its named "raja yoga"...

So this is what Babuji did, no-one would have come to practice sahaj marg, if he had explained sahaj marg as it is... in my opinion, babuji was no less than chari, infect it is babuji who had produced a demon like chari, a spiritual person cannot have an off-shoot like that of chari...

This is pity, but this is all that the ignorant people deserve, those who dedicate themselves to a person like chari, worship him as God, and think transmission happening from his heart, are "zombies" they simply cannot be intelligent people, a person who can think does not take such hallucinated talks as spiritual practice, but cunning-ness of one person.

Theory of transmission is also advocated in another form of belief, its called "Kashmeri Shavism" one of its custodian is "Dr. Vyas" he is an high ranking official in GAIL (gas authority of india ltd, an Govt. of India undertaking). He claimed that after one sitting with him i will transform into a different person, and at the time when i met him, (To my surprise) he had invited one of my old associated from R.K Mission at that time. Even "Kashmeeri Shavism" also has its roots in Islam, there is no concept in any of the Hindu philosophies which deals with concept of Transmission as propagated by "Kashmeeri Shavism" or Sufi order (That of Ameer Khusro) or Sahaj Marg, only concept known to the Hindu's is that of when the Guru touches the head of his disciple when the disciple touches the guru's feet, and that is why, in Hindu tradition we touch feet of all our elder's so that we can get the divine blessings.

When we talk about Hindu philosophy we must understand that it is the ONLY religion in the world which is not person centric, there is NO ONE MAN who understood the divine, and made others its followers. The Veda's which are accepted as the highest knowledge possible to human being is also declared as incomplete by the Hindu's (Neti-Neti), No ordinary person can do that.

As a matter of policy i do not discuss spirituality where sahaj marg is concerned, but since sahaj marg is not the focal point of this discussion but lalaji and his teachings are, therefore i will write a bit about practical spirituality.

The term spirituality is very relative, for example, if a man starts a system of philosophy, however wild its theory may be, it will have followers. For instance, a sect is started to teach that if a man stands on one leg for twelve years, day and night, he will get salvation — there will be hundreds ready to stand on one leg. All the suffering will be quietly borne. There are people who keep their arms upraised for years to gain religious merit. And, mind you, they are not always ignorant fools, but are men who will astonish you with the depth and breadth of their intellect. So, you see, the word practical is also relative.

The Hindus alone of all ancient races took up the study of this branch of knowledge in right earnest The Hindu’s do not have any churches, no Common Prayers, or anything of the kind; but they, every day, still practice the breathings and try to concentrate the mind; and that is the chief part of their devotion. These are the main points. Every Hindu must do these. It is the religion of the country. Only, each one may have a special method — a special form of breathing, a special form of concentration, and what is one's special method, even one's wife need not know; the father need not know the son's. But they all have to do these. And there is nothing occult about these things. The word "occult" has no bearing on them. Near the Gangâ thousands and thousands of people may be seen daily sitting on its banks breathing and concentrating with closed eyes. There may be two reasons that make certain practices impracticable for the generality of mankind. One is, the teachers hold that the ordinary people are not fit for them. There may be some truth in this, but it is due more to pride. The second is the fear of persecution. A man, for instance, would not like to practice breathing publicly in this country, because he would be thought so queer; it is not the fashion here. On the other hand, in India, if a man prayed, "Give us this day our daily bread", people would laugh at him. Nothing could be more foolish to the Hindu mind than to say, "Our Father which art in Heaven." The Hindu, when he worships, thinks that God is within himself.

According to the Hindu yogis, there are three principal nerve currents: one they call the Ida, the other the Pingala, and the middle one the Sushumna, and all these are inside the spinal column. The Ida and the Pingala, the left and the right, are clusters of nerves, while the middle one, the Sushumna, is hollow and is not a cluster of nerves. This Sushumna is closed, and for the ordinary man is of no use, for he works through the Ida and the Pingala only. Currents are continually going down and coming up through these nerves, carrying orders all over the body through other nerves running to the different organs of the body.
It is the regulation and the bringing into rhythm of the Ida and Pingala that is the great object of breathing. But that itself is nothing — it is only so much air taken into the lungs; except for purifying the blood, it is of no more use. There is nothing occult in the air that we take in with our breath and assimilate to purify the blood; the action is merely a motion. This motion can be reduced to the unit movement we call Prana; and everywhere, all movements are the various manifestations of this Prana. This Prana is electricity, it is magnetism; it is thrown out by the brain as thought. Everything is Prana; it is moving the sun, the moon, and the stars.
We say, whatever is in this universe has been projected by the vibration of the Prana. The highest result of vibration is thought. If there be any higher, we cannot conceive of it. The nerves, Ida and Pingala, work through the Prana. It is the Prana that is moving every part of the body, becoming the different forces. Give up that old idea that God is something that produces the effect and sits on a throne dispensing justice. In working we become exhausted because we use up so much Prana.
The breathing exercises, called Pranayama, bring about regulation of the breathing, rhythmic action of the Prana. When the Prana is working rhythmically, everything works properly. When the Yogis get control over their own bodies, if there is any disease in any part, they know that the Prana is not rhythmic there and they direct the Prana to the affected part until the rhythm is re-established
Pranayama is the fourth step of patanjali’s Raja Yoga. It should not be started before one has accomplished the other three stages namely yam, niyam, and pratyahaar.

Now, when we study metaphysics, we come to know the world is one, not that the spiritual, the material, the mental, and the world of energies are separate. It is all one, but seen from different planes of vision. When you think of yourself as a body, you forget that you are a mind, and when you think of yourself as a mind, you will forget the body

The whole universe, therefore, is a unit, from whatever standpoint you view it. Just now, to us, this universe is a unit of Prana and Akasha, force and matter. And mind you, like all other basic principles, this is also self-contradictory. For what is force? — that which moves matter. And what is matter? — that which is moved by force. It is a seesaw! Some of the fundamentals of our reasoning are most curious, in spite of our boast of science and knowledge. "It is a headache without a head", as the Sanskrit proverb says. This state of things has been called Maya. It has neither existence nor non-existence. You cannot call it existence, because that only exists which is beyond time and space, which is self-existence. Yet this world satisfies to a certain degree our idea of existence. Therefore it has an apparent existence

That is some basic understanding of religion, which Mr. Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari claims that is divisive, and his version of sahaj marg, which in reality is nothing more then a bunch of stupid assumptions, can unite humanity. This is one of the main reason as why I do not discuss Religion or spirituality when we discuss sahaj marg, it is like discussing multiplication of grade-4 students when people are solving laplace transform.


Anonyme a dit…

"they were the people who were not part of social fabric in the way a normal householder would be following"

I agree that claiming that sahaj marg is a spiritual path for a normal householder is not true.
It is for special householders, those who play the social role of householders by having a minimal social life -- i.e. job and family --, but who are within themselves living the life of a monk, totally devoted to god or their guru or whatever idol.
Therefore, when they do their propaganda to attract more people by pretending that you will continue your normal life, this is only a lie and they should be prosecuted for this.
You will have to surrender everything for god when you become an abhyasi, and this, you should know since the very beginning to make your decision to join or not to join.
Sahaj Marg is not for everybody, it is only for those who want to sacrifice themselves completely.
Therefore, the monk who was renouncing the world was less hypocritical than these SRCMtm abhyasis, for at least he was really and trully engaging himself, not expecting something without giving something.

"Sahaj Marg will come to a disgraceful end"
On the contrary, I predict that it will continue to fool the world until it is up to the status of a world religion.
They have engineered it for a purpose, which is to replace all the other existing cults.
This is part of the NWO: 1 world government, 1 world economy, 1 world army, 1 world religion -- let's rather say the Dark Mazi Empire enslaving the whole of humanity and living beings existing on this planet.
Unless people start awakening and understand what is going on on Earth, no way that what you claim will ever occur.
Of course, this is a process and it might take its time.
However, who knows how it might progress in troubled times.

"chari is a fool, but a dangerous one, because he claims to be an intelligent person"
No, he is not that intelligent because he makes huge mistakes.
He is dangerous because he is backed-up by a powerful organisation, and because he is a skillful mind manipulator.

"Truth is very powerful and it will have its effect"
For liars, truth is subversive, therefore dangerous.
However, the truth has no power in itself if it is not exposed, communicated, touching the mind of every people.
This is where the difficulty is, for many know the truth, but have you ever heard about them or about what they have to say ?
Those in a position of power know very well how important it is to control the communication device, and this is why Chari was in trouble when the blogs started their life: He had no control over it, contrary to every single media within the sect.
However, he has adapted his mind control techniques over his sheeple to adjust to this new situation.
I am glad that whatever they will claim in their propaganda, there will always be in the historical archives this stain of truth that we have publicly exposed on their tissues of lies.
If those brainwashed sheep do not hear it, it does not matter, for this is here for all the others.
Therefore, Chari still has a problem to solve.
At that point, I am wandering how Chari and his malevolent mafia is going to repair this mistake of theirs, which was to think that they could arrogantly deny us and our activity without any consequences for their enterprise.
You see how stupid they can be, finally, only because of their arrogance.
They thought that intimidation and terror, two of the roots of their power over the mind of their preys, was going to be enough to bring us to silence, but now they understand that they will have to clean the spot in a way or another, for the purpose of clean historical records.
Surely with more lies and reprehensible ways.

Shashwat, you have a heavenly clone, that's good to know :-)
This dirty minded brat seems to like you and be willing to bring you back to your senses, i.e. the TRUE PATH TO REALITY.
The patterns of his mind show the same sickness and Charian manipulative tricks as in any SRCMtm fanatics.
Like: trying to make you doubt of yourself (your efforts are meaningless), trying to make you doubt that you can ever harm anybody, but on the contrary you are helpful (your activity is reinforcing the faith of the abhyasis -- therefore if you are helpful to them he should be happy and encourage you to continue --, you are a tool of nature, etc.), and finally try to frighten you (you will go to hell because you are a bad boy), all these contradictory statements in the same message !!!
The guy must be an enemy of the SRCMtm, to give such a bad picture of its people.