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“Take criticism seriously, without anger or sadness. Use it for correcting yourself, and welcome it.”
Kamlesh Patel (1/04/2015)

19 juin 2016

Du Sahaj Marg à l'idéologie T-shirts de Heartfulness

Sharad Chandra Saxena, l’aîné des petits-enfants de Babuji, critique ouvertement l’évolution de la Shri Ram Chandra Mission impulsée par “Daaji” Kamlesh Patel, passant du Sahaj Marg à Heartfulness, un business pour faire de l’argent. 

Cela se passe sur le site internet de la Society for Babuji’s mission

Use of ‘Heartfulness’ as tool for money earning business (18th April 2016) :
I feel pain with the activities and actions of the unauthorized claimant of new master or spiritual head, which is being used for business. 

I noticed members for Sahaj Marg System are using dress with Logo of Heartfulness. I enquired from a person who came to me from Tirpur, the hub for hosiery goods in South India, as to how much did he pay for that T-shirt which he was wearing.  He replied he paid Rs. 200/- for a T-shirt.  My second enquiry from him was did he get Cash Memo for the amount paid by him. He replied “No”. This goes to show that though the business is using the credit of Sahaj Marg System, but the amount received is not being accounted for into Mission account.   It is treated as personal income using T shirt with Heartfulness as logo - new big Business !

I vividly remember once I had clarified from Rev. Babuji Maharaj “if someone were to  use the Mission for business and share some amount with the Mission as donation, will it be accepted by You? 

His immediate reply, “No, God will punish, because money earning on bigger scale needs manipulation by unfair means somewhere”. 

My understanding is that giving big donation involves more earning and for earning more one would have to involve in dishonesty somewhere down the line. 

I suggest that at least stop using Mission’s position and name for business to save from His punishment.

Selling T-shirts with the mark of Heartfulness, (6th June 2016) :
The word ‘Heartfulness’ used by Rev. Babuji Saheb was in some particular context because it was befitting word in that context. But He did not use that word thereafter out of context.

We do not ever remember His using that word heartfulness in His talks. His object was not propagation of the word ‘Heartfulness’ nor for propagation of this word for T-shirts brought out with heartfulness printed there on .

Promotion and highlighting of Heartfulness sounds as if Sahaj Marg System is under Heartfulness. But the reality is that the benefits of Sahaj Marg System are only possible by its regular practice and not by using or emphasing on the word ‘Heartfulness’ .

We are also obliged to highlight the truth that Rev. Babuji Maharaj’s founded Sahaj Marg System is not for commercial gain like selling T-shirts with the mark of Heartfulness printed thereon. Let it be clear who has sponsored this word and where the proceeds of its monetary gain are going ?

We further notice that Kamlesh Patel is heading ‘Heartfulness’ institution as well, thereby commercialising His said word for his own game plan.

Further, he cannot be the head for more than one registered units with the same purpose propagating the System which is already registered under Shri Ram Chandra Mission at Shahjahanpur, UP (India) by Rev. Babuji Maharaj since July 21 in the year 1945. All of us are interested that Kamlesh Patel tells us the truth behind it. He may further certify about the status of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, India in Heartfulness…? Under what authority is he freely using Sahaj Marg System for material gain ?

Clarification to these points is required in the general public interest, also in the interest of the followers of Sahaj Marg System and in the interest of Sahaj Marg system as well !

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