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4 août 2009

Fraternité : Chari's brotherhood

Voici un texte de 4d-don publié sur son blog ( que je trouve particulièrement bien fait et qui mérite d'être lu et relu, même s'il est en anglais.
C'est un recueil de citations de Chari principalement, sur le christianisme, l'hindouisme, l'islam et toutes les religions ; mais aussi sur les femmes, les homosexuels, les enfants... ou les bloggers.
Je me suis permise d'en modifier légèrement l'ordre.


Le message de 4d-don :

"Brotherhood", Sahaj Marg Style!!
These are examples (in words) of the Brotherhood displayed by Chari, the President of SRCM (California-1997). The UNITED NATIONS DPI Program should be made aware of this. For actions of SRCM(California-1997), see my blogs of the translations of Newspaper reports of physical attacks on the Babuji Memorial Ashram. See also interviews with the the family of the Founder on Youtube and/or at: Freedom From Sahaj Marg

Is SAHAJ MARG in a "corrupt Brotherhood" with the UN ... or is the UN just another "corrupt" organization being played by Chari and the SRCM (California-1997)?

Examples of Chari's and Sahaj Marg's Brotherhood With Other Religions:

Chari's Brotherhood with Christianity:

So you are lucky. If you were in religion, you would have to go to church and you know, tell lies in that wonderful place called the confessional. "Lord, forgive me for what I have done this week." And there's an equally sinful priest on the other side of the curtain saying, "In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I absolve you of your sins." Something he has no power to do. No man on earth has power to absolve you of your sins except two people: one yourself, and one your God. In between there is nobody who can do it. That is why religion is useless, that is why religion has failed. That's why you are all here, not in church.

(Reverence, Respect & Restraint), Denmark, Nov. 2005,

...and later:

I am no Christ, you know, to crucify myself on the cross for all of you. Do you think Christ was a wise man, that he became crucified so that forever and ever after humanity is absolved of its sins? I don't think so. It gave you more license for indulgence. But after all, you have been forgiven two thousand years ago for what you are going to do today, what your children are going to do ten years hence, and so on and so forth. I don't think he was wise. He left no room, no incentive for human beings to change, become moral, become spiritual. You are all happy, you see, that you had a Christ who got crucified. None of us weep for Christ. We are happy. "God bless him," we say, which is another blasphemy. You need blessings, not Christ.

(Reverence, Respect & Restraint), Denmark, Nov. 2005)

Chari's Preceptors Brotherhood with Christians

"I am afraid that Sahaj Marg is suffering in this way because even when Christian people become abhyasis and preceptors, they somehow, somewhere along the way seem to lose this idea of love, charity, compassion, faith and become preceptors. So what Spirituality offers and can deliver, our priesthood, I would categorize you as, say temporarily as priesthood - they destroy."
(Speech by Chari at Preceptor's Seminar, Jan. 2001)

Chari's Brotherhood With HINDUISM:

At a preceptors' seminar in January, 2001, Chari stated:

Chari's Brotherhood With Hindus

"In the Indian scene, the Hindus and Hinduism is corrupt. God is personified as somebody who can be bribed with gifts, with so called prasads - offering temptation of Heaven which fact Babuji emphasized in His teachings, saying that religions depends on two instruments - temptation and fear."

Babuji's Brotherhood, in a Letter About the "Mohamedan Systems"

This letter dated Feb 14, 1963 (St Valentine's day), on SRCM official letterhead, signed by "Ram Chandra" can be found on the NaqshMuMRa International Fellowship (click on it to enlarge) .

"The Mohamedan systems have all breathed their last and this, the Sahaj Marga, the ONLY ONE, has now emerged out in their place."

The Sahaj Marg Brotherhood with "Religions" in the Sahaj Marg Material:

Abhyasi's question:
"Why do I have to give up my existing religious practices?"

Chari's answer: "All religious practice involve the worship of God as being outside us. It is called Bahya Upachara in Sanskrit. Spirituality puts God where HE* really is - inside the human heart, and indeed at the heart of every created thing, as Krishna Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita. One cannot mix the two. In the Vedas Murthy Pooja is called the lowest form of worship. Mantra is only a way of pleasing the mind, and bhajans please the senses, while giving the illusion of being a form of worship. I trust that this will be satisfactory. If people have more questions, they should be encouraged to read the Gita slowly, and try to understand it. Love to all."

* God is "MALE", and Nature is Female, according to Chari.

(Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2005.31)

Sahaj Marg Brotherhood With All RELIGIONS

In the Value Based Spiritual Education, lesson 10 (This VBSE curriculum is being taught to children at LMOIS and many other schools in India.)

There are five very important reasons, why we should get away from religious bondage –

a. It creates division among people.
b. Every religion talks of "one God" but states that only their God is the best.
c. It promotes disharmony, violence and wars. (my highlight in red)
d. The real meaning of the tenets is forgotten and only the rituals are adhered to.
e. Religions put fear and temptations into the hearts of the people. (my highlight in red-see this blog for example of "FEAR" tactic by Chari)

All religions in the world say the same thing i.e. "seek within". But do they? The answer is NO. Then what is the way? Transcend religion and move towards spirituality.

...Love of God, to become one with Him.
(my highlight...4d-don says: Notice that "They" attribute the Masculine to the DIVINE)

...Religion enforces an externalization of the mind in man’s search for God. Religion requires belief and faith. Religion speaks of seeing God, speaking with God, hearing God’s voice etc.
That is not true of most religions I know. But communicating with "spirits of the dead" is exactly what the evidence shows SRCM (California-1997) is doing. What does Babuji's autobiography say of his inter-communication with the deceased Lalaji, Vivekananda, and others?, And what is "Whispers from The Brighter World" if not SPIRITUALISM? And what about the other spiritualist rituals such as creating an autonomous "egregore"?? A GROUPTHINK with a "mind of its own"!

"Methinks they doth protest too much" is an appropriate line by Shakespeare.

Brotherhood With Women, (God is MALE) in Stories for Youth

According to the teaching of this system, God is simple, and therefore, the way to reach Him must be simple. On the Nature of the Divine, when asked why in all the written material, God was referred to as "Him", Chariji replied: "God is Male, Nature is female."

(SMRTI-Youth Services-Story Telling)

Chari's Brotherhood with WOMEN

12:30 p.m. On why a lady cannot be a Master Babuji said that a Master of that caliber gets orders from above, and their work includes that of destruction. A woman is not capable of such destruction. All this talk about equality between men and women the more they talk about something, the less they will get it. Equality is different from equalization. There are high pressure and low pressure areas. In the process of equalization, the wind flows from here to there, and this process if what creates the climate. If the pressure were the same everywhere, there would be no climate. This is the way of nature: Inequality Equalization Inequality Equalization (alluding to a low pressure building, winds blowing from other high pressure areas, another low pressure building up, etc.) Today you see American woman trying to do everything that the male does. They join the navy seals It is not a job for them. I might offend the woman here, but God did not create both as equals. Each have their own sphere of functioning.

see: Transcript of audio tape or Chari at Satkhol Airport (November, 2001): Quotes you won't find in Sahaj Marg PR Material


November 25, 2001, 8:45 a.m

But there are several people still in the mission who are undisciplined. So saying, He turned and looked at a girl who was sitting right next to Him (As if He was saying this to her). And almost immediately, she began to wipe off some tears from the corner of her eyes. And Master, looking at this, said Now, Dont you start. I do not understand women at all. Say the slightest of things harshly, and they begin to create a scene. It appears that I should only talk about superficial things like the food, the weather, etc. to them. Anything stronger than that, they cannot take it. I do not know what Mami (referring to His late wife) will think about all this. Maybe she will pull me up for what I am saying now, once I get to the brighter world. I do not know whether I am going there or not, but she is there.

Chari's Brotherhood with Homosexuals (Gay, Lesbians, Trans-genders):
"That is why Sahaj Marg is performing marriages—no questions asked, except whether you are old enough to get married, and whether you are a man and a woman. Unlike the churches in the world, we don’t perform same-sex marriages. That is unnatural. God did not intend it to be thus. Please excuse me, it is a personal comment, it is not Sahaj Marg. But there are things, as Babuji Maharaj said, “If God did not want two sexes, he could have as well created one and seen that the world propagated by itself.” There are unicellular organisms called amoeba which just split when they want. No problems of sex, no problems of love and hate, no problems of, shall we say, illegitimate babies, no need for Viagra. You know, when it is big enough it just splits and there are two. “Behold, there was one and now there are two,” says the Lord. So God could have done anything he wanted, you see. Why two sexes? Not so that one sex should marry among themselves, isn’t it? So, what the church may allow, I don’t have to condone or accept. To me, it is a very blatant misuse of so-called privileges of the human being, fundamental rights, et cetera. Of course, if you claim it is your fundamental right to go the dogs, so be it! Even God cannot stop it. "

"That is not His weakness; that is His strength that he gives us the liberty to do what we will. It like a boxing father, heavyweight champion, allowing his pugnacious teenagers to pummel away at him. He just laughs, “Yeah, go on, son. Come on, one more.” And the pugnacious son thinks he is going to knock his father out and suddenly, wham, you know. The son is at the corner of the room and the mother is wailing away: “How can you do it to my son?”

Speech by Chariji "Balance-The Crux of Life" Jan 20, 2006 in Malaysia

Chari's Brotherhood with Children

"You know, I am still young at heart. That’s why I wander around the world; I wink at girls, no? [Laughter] I believe they like it, too, at least the more mischievous, naughty ones! Don’t you? [Abhyasi: Yes.] Aha!"

From: Retaining the Spirit of Youth
A talk given by Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari
to the Youth on 22nd January, 2006 in Malaysia

Sahaj Marg Brotherhood with Astrologers and those who leave Sahaj Marg

Whatever may be the status of astrology as a science, sincere abhyasis of the Mission should not be guided by it because my Master has categorically said that sadhana is to change one's destiny. Therefore, for a sincere abhyasi, astrology cannot and will not work. It can only talk about the past very accurately. The future is in our hands to create with my Master's grace, blessing and help. Your coming into the Mission may have been because of your merit carried over from the past. However, nobody can leave the Mission exept through foolishness and superstitious belief in other things. So you should never think of this.

(From: Spider's Web, by Chari, Volume 1 Page 91)

Chari's Example of Brotherhood (or son-hood for the Mother) While Chosing a GURU
"....So I repeat, the Guru is the only friend. In fact, I have said this so often, that in the Sufi philosophy, the Guru is called Friend. "The Friend is coming". Because he is the only fellow who can give his life for you. He is the only fellow, therefore, to whom you must hand over totally, a Power of Attorney....."Do with me as you think I deserve to be done with. Kick me when I have to be kicked. Beat me when I have to be beaten. Curse me when I have to be cursed. But make of me what you think I should be eventually, because only you can do it."

"So once more I say this in all humility....if you must have a Master, find a fellow who is capable of, you know, throwing you around, beating you up, cutting you to pieces. Remember Parushurama's father and the stern test that young boy had to make for obedience...."Kill your Mother". "Yes"..."

"He pulled out the sword and cut off her head. He said, "I am pleased with you my son. Ask for anything you want." He said, "I want my mother alive." And He said, "So be it." and she got up and walked off.

The Guru is the Master, when you say of destiny, it means life and death. He must be the Master of your life as he must be the Master of your death."

(From Heart of the Lion, Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari)

Is Chari a self-titled Master? Does he control his "web sites"?

Chariji has repeatedly asked people to stop calling him "Master" or referring to him as such.

In his "Heart to Heart - Vol. 1" by P. Rajagopalachari. (Pages 270-280 "Who is a Master?") 1st Edition 1988 - Published by Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Pacific Grove, CA, USA.

"But some people persist in addressing me as "Master". I have been annoyed by this practice myself..I have never claimed to be a Master.. It is unfortunate that some people ..are addressing me by that term." "So in fact, the purpose of my talk is to request all of you to stop addressing me as Master."

In spite of this, the Mission of which Chari is "president" persists in disobeying this request and the material has Chari as one of the Masters of the Mission.

Chari's Brotherhood with the Bloggers (ex-abhyasis), the "enemies of Spirituality"
"The common people (mortals) , they are people who come, judge, and judge again and consider starting blogs on the computer, which is now a curse because everybody has a computer. And these blogs can influence the mind of an abhyasi more than the truth of the practice (…) Why do we ignore the proof that we produce in ourselves in terms of a certain level of relationship with the Guru, and prefer the claims coming from disgruntled people who have left the Mission, who dropped out, who have renounced, who are the enemies of spirituality. "

From: He! The Hookah and I, (the Master and the Disciple) by Chari


1 commentaire:

Alexis a dit…

Le 82ème ou 83ème anniversaire de Chari . Comme on voudra, c'est au choix !

D'après la SRCM, 34 830 personnes ont participé aux cérémonies des 23, 24 et 25 juillet 2009, dont environ 4 000 enfants. 96% étaient Indiens contre seulement 1 527 étrangers. Chez les Indiens, plus des 2 tiers d'entre eux résidaient dans 4 états seulement : 3 états de la corne sud de l'Inde (Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh et Karnataka) et l'Uttar Pradesh, fief historique de la SRCM. L'état du Tamil Nadu représentait à lui seul plus du quart des abhyasis présents, la cérémonie se déroulant à Tiruppur dans ce même état, sans oublier que le quartier général de la Mission y est implanté.
On n'est vraiment pas loin de la véritable représentation du Sahaj Marg en Inde et dans le Monde…

Le 24 juillet, en guise de discours, Chari a lu un message qui lui est parvenu soi-disant de Babuji. A 2 reprises, celui-ci s'exclame que le temps presse, "time is pressing", sans que l'on sache trop bien pour quoi faire. Et il conclue par ces mots : "don't waste your time (…) time flies". Utiliser 4 fois le mot "temps" dans un message aussi court, c'est révélateur. Chari sentirait-il la fin venir ? Dans tous les cas, il met la pression…

Son discours du lendemain porte essentiellement sur la religion. Et il nous ressort les classiques du Sahaj Marg version Chari : "Where spirituality begins, religion ends" ou bien encore "Religion has no God, God has no religion." Il ajoute : "Today's wars are all about religion. The biggest problem facing humanity today is RELIGION." Et plus loin, "I pray that all of you will awaken". Mais non, mais non, rassurez-vous, Chari ne part pas dans une nouvelle croisade des temps modernes. Il a pris le temps de préciser : "We don't preach that we destroy religion. We are not here to break temples or idols". Ouf, nous voilà rassurés. Il était temps ! Après Babuji qui disait la veille que le temps presse, et cette charge féroce de Chari contre la religion, on était en droit de se poser des questions.
Ben oui au fait, le temps presse, mais pour quoi faire alors ?