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“Take criticism seriously, without anger or sadness. Use it for correcting yourself, and welcome it.”
Kamlesh Patel (1/04/2015)

5 avril 2013

Sahaj Marg au Canada


Il y a un an, Kamlesh Patel encourageait les Canadiens à collecter des fonds pour acquérir un ashram : “ if 1,000 abhyasis each contributed $20 per month, that would be $20,000 per month and in a year we would have $240,000 – had we started five years ago we would be in a position now to acquire a property!”
Voici ce qu’écrit Kim Hansen dans Echoes of North America de mars 2013 :

Northern Light: an Ashram in Canada

"We are happy to inform you that there will soon be an ashram in Canada. On December 28th, Master responded to our proposal for the acquisition of an ashram property in the city of Toronto and proposed inauguration on his birthday, 24 July 2013. He wrote, “I am happy that Canada has the possibility of acquiring its first ashram. I have gone through the project report and am pleased to approve of it. You may all go ahead with the Master’s blessings.”
Abhyasis in Toronto are heart-fully engaged in a search for the right place, and are digging deep to contribute financially, within our means, for this long-awaited and blessed development. Seemingly out of the blue, by Master’s grace, we have received gifts from several abhyasis in Europe who have heard about the project. We invite one and all to join us in bringing this project to fruition. There is no time to waste."