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12 mars 2007

Documents officiels ?

Le petit-fils de Babuji, Navneet Kumar Saxena, a publié sur son site les minutes du Comité de travail de la SRCM en date des 6 et 7 février 1984, les minutes de l'Assemblée Générale du 8 février et la Circulaire du 15 février informant l'ensemble des abhyasis que son père Umesh Chandra Saxena devenait président de la Shri Ram Chandra Mission.
Auparavant, il avait publié les 2 lettres de nomination de Chariji et de son père, Umesh Chandra Saxena, ainsi qu'une lettre de Babuji à Jahagirdar.
Ci-dessous le contenu de quelques uns de ces documents. Vous trouverez les originaux sur :
Circulaire du Secrétaire S.A. Sarnad en date du 15 février 1984

To All the members of the working committee,
of Shri Ram Chandra Mission in India
and Abroad :

Sub : Declaration of Successor President
of Shri Ram Chandra Mission,
Shahjahanpur. U.P.

Dear Brothers/Sisters,
Here I am pleased to inform you that our Revered Master Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj had nominated Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena vide declaration/nomination letter dated 16.04082 and the same was produced before the member of the working committee on the 6th and 7th. Feb. 1984 for approval and consent of the members and the members present have accepted and approved the nomination dt. 16.04.82 in favour of Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena S/o Late Mahatma Ram Chandraji Maharaj. Hence with effect from 7th. Feb. 1984 Mr. Umesh Chandra Saxena is now the SUCCESSOR PRESIDENT of Shri RAM Chandra Mission Shahjahanpur.
The Minutes of the working committee were further produced before the General Body members of Shri Ram Chandra Mission and the declaration/Nomination letter dt. 16.04.82 were unanismously approved and accepted, this is just for the information of the brothers and sisters. In this connection kindly find enclosed the following for your record of information.
1. The Copy of Declaration/Nomination Letter dt. 16.04.82
2. Extract of the minutes of the working committee meeting held on 6th. and 7th. Feb. 1984.
3. Extract of the minutes of the General Body meeting held on 8th. Feb. 1984.
We request all the members/abhiyasis/Preceptors/organisors to cooperate with the President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur.

Yours affectionately

CC Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena
President SRCM

Lettre de nomination de Chariji, datée du 23 Mars 1974

I hereby nominate my disciple Sri. P. Rajagopalachari as my representative to work for the Mission as President in the Sahaj Marg System. As long as I live, I will be doing my job, Afterwards he will enjoy the fullfledged authority given by the Constitution and bye-laws of the Mission.
May God's grace shower through him to all mankind.
Ram Chandra
Shri Ram Chandra Mission
Shahjahanpur U.P. (India)
The 23rd March 1974

Lettre de nomination d'Umesh Chandra Saxena, en date du 16 Avril 1982
Date 16th. April 1982

I, Ram Chandra, Founder President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Diwan jograj, Shahjahanpur in Exercise of my Power under Rule 3 and 4 of the Rules and constitution of my Private Trust/Society, on my free Will and Accord and upon the due consideration of the totality of the circumstances prevailing in my said Mission including wishes and blessing of the Almighty and that of my Samarth Guru Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, do hereby nominate my Spiritual Representative as also my son Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena as Successor President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission Shahjahanpur, with liberty to him, to further nominate his successor President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission with the condition that the person so nominated by him as his successor President of the said Mission must be his spiritual representatives in his direct line of succession.
I shall however continue as President of aforesaid Mission till my life time and this nomination shall come into play only after my death.
Previous nomination if any, made by me, shall stand superceeded and cancelled.

Affectionately yours
Ram Chandra

Lettre de Babuji à Jahagirdar, datée du 2 Septembre 1982
Paris (France)
Private and confidential

My dear Jahagirdar,

To day I am thinking of you from the early morning and I feel to part some secret for your knowledge and advantage of our Abhiyasis because I feel by the time I reach India it will be too late. Now I am beginning to think that some people do not want my existence and it appears that they do not have any love for me but they think of more of the property and assets of the Mission and we are deviating from the path of " SAHAJ MARGA ".

Recently I have examined four of my senior preceptor, but I found that they have taken the different view of Sahaj Marga, with the result I have to leave them for the care of God Almighty to sail or sink. I also worked hard with Parthasarathi Rajagopala-Chari but all in vain, dark clouds are around him and the nature has decided to punish him. I was astonished to feel that he has been revengeful and making several attempts on my life for the past eight years. In the way back 1974 when I was admited to Vivekananda Hospital Lucknow, that time he played with my life but I could survive since my master was great to safguard me, at that time the circumstances were diferent. Now again he became successful in administering the slow poison solution in my food served in the plate while travelling from India to Paris. But I was taken careof by the doctor here but nothing can be said what happens while I travel from Paris to India Back; anything could be expected.

Now I feel that the time has come to leave physical body the enough damage has been done and moch more is expected in the 100 hours probabely I may not be given any chance to write any further letter after this that is why I thought of you to convey my feeling to you, for you to know what kind of people Mission is having and what reward has been given to me for the servilce to the huminity and the mankind.

I am given to understand here that Mr. P. Rajagopalachari has been conducting meetings with the foreign Abhiyasis that he is going to be the next President and Master may not survive now, I still do not know who has declared him? These are the things which are depressing me and I see the present condition of the Mission today.

During my illness Jesus Crist were attending on me and sucking the poison from my body, during the time I had enough time to attend on you and I found your fullest devotion and surrender and I have transformed you in totality. I wish that all our abhiyasis should follow your path and you are requested to guide every our Abhiyasi so that they are benifitted.

I want to reveal one more secret [one more secret est souligné] which is fetal to the Missionis that I have already nominated my Successor President and the letter to this effect has already been issued, the person is from the Direct Line of Succession and this is the wish of my Master.

I am also associating with my successor President the following four persons who will also work under his direction and they are:
1. Dr. S. P. Srivastava, Lakhimpur Kori,
2. Mr. Kashi Ram Agarwal, Shahjahanpur,
3. Mr. K. C. Narayan S/o KDr. K. C. Vardhachari
4. Mr. Nasib Chand Lucknow

Kindly do not divulge these secret to any one except Umesh, my son but only after my life time otherwise he is likely to become hostile. I foresee immediate hospitalisation in India and likely to remain for longer period, hence this letter being confidential letter handing over to one of the old sincere Abhiyasi who is here, to ensure delivery of this letter safely.

You are at liberty, to take action in alarming circumstances, if need be but with a condition to route through this letter through Umesh only. But at the same times you are also requested to streamline the disturbances by peaceful approach by taking help of the other senior members.
I fully hope that you will do as I wish.

Yours affectionately
Ram Chandra

3 commentaires:

4d-Don a dit…

Salut Elodie...

J'ai fait copie des documents sur mon blog...Merci..

Sur Wiki, un post a été changé section "bold" a été enlevé...Es-tu au courant que la version française a été cancellé.

Voici le texte:::

This book of messages (over 600 messages) from the Brighter World, from the now-deceased Shri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur, (Babuji-1899-1983) and other departed spirits of "highly evolved" souls, according to SRCMtm is channelled by an un-named lady medium according to Chariji in his "invitation". The book was published in limited quantities in 2005 by the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation] and sold at $250.00 US. The text is being released free-of-charge in PDF format, one message per day. A French version of the book is being pre-sold and will be released in 2007.

Apparamment, un autre changement indique que le livre (Whispers) n'est pas en vente mais est donné gratuit à ceux qui "font don" de $250.00 à la SRCM. Pour raison de taxe sans doute.... honneteté? bons citoyens?



Elodie a dit…

Une autre information,
Dinesh Kumar Saxena (petit-fils de Lalaji et "patron" de NaqshMuMRa), tout comme Kasturi Chaturvedi, font partie de la liste des précepteurs de la SRCM tm de Chariji.
Surprenant ?

Anonyme a dit…

Salut Elodie...J'ai recu ce messages dans mes "commentaires"..Je l'ai envoye a Michael...

Tu peux traduire si tu veux...

4d-don said....

Hi Michael and all...

This message was just left as a comment on my blog...You, abhyasis are now free to talk from the "heart" that you have been "cleaning" compulsively for months and years...

Now let's hear and see you make peace with your Families, friends, cultures, societies, environment...Express your "spirituality" and stop "dividing" the world...WE NEED UNITE!!!

You are now FREE .... Don't blame or hide behind the Master, the Mission not the Method anymore. You are now "responsible" for yourselves and your actions and your lives...

Spirituality UNITES...Religion divides!!! Who said that?


Anonymous said...

Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2007.14 – Sunday, 18 March, 2007
Archived Sahaj Sandesh Messages:

Dear Sister / Brother:

Blogs, wikis and various websites

There has recently been a proliferation of information and views about Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) and Sahaj Marg distributed through email and the internet. SRCM has always maintained an open and transparent culture which promotes the expression of one’s feelings and ideas – indeed the teachings of our Masters have always encouraged abhyasis to “speak from the heart.” This being said, Abhyasis and interested seekers are to be advised that the official websites of Shri Ram Chandra Mission and the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation are and respectively. While the Mission neither encourages nor discourages any other forums, websites or online media, it is our duty to direct earnest seekers to the official websites listed above. Those who seek clarification on the Mission’s activities may also refer to the following URL:

March 18, 2007 8:14:00 PDT AM