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Kamlesh Patel (1/04/2015)

7 septembre 2014

Sahaj Marg : Quand Chari ne sera plus là


Un nouveau message d'Alexis : Si Chari n’était pas là…

Dans Echoes of North America de juin 2014, un abhyasi relate le processus d’acquisition du premier ashram canadien :

“The task of finding an ashram was daunting since we are only a few abhyasis in Canada, compared to our neighbouring brothers and sisters. Our search, like all such searches, went on for years here and there. But on July 24, 2012, a group of determined and strong-willed abhyasis came together to form a core committee, specifically dedicated to this search. Weeks and months went by while exploring the available properties that matched our criteria and budget. Finally, on June 1, 2013, we spotted a promising property in Mississauga, Toronto. Our group was split with strong opinions. Some seemed to think that this was a perfect place and wanted to grab it right away, while others wanted to carefully deliberate, because the cost was over our budget. Then, as a surprise to all, came the approval and blessing of our Master, along with the news of some promised funds for support. His approval wiped out our differences. From then on, we moved ahead as one heart and one mind to make his dream a reality. 
We signed the initial conditional offer on August 1, 2013, and began our due diligence on the property. Although it appeared to be a perfect property with no foreseen issues at the time, there were lots of hurdles that came along. Some of us worked to clear some issues out of the way, while others connected with abhyasis nationwide for support. This project made us work with each other, among prefects and abhyasis, and to me, this network was very important. Certainly we came across some degree of divergence at difficult times, but we stuck through the thick and thin of this process to realize the purchase of this property as of January 2014. When I look back on this journey from here, I wonder if these hurdles were part of the preparation needed for all of us to grow internally. Perhaps this was His bigger plan. We cannot be anything but grateful for it. (…) 
We are truly one borderless family.” 

La SRCM, une famille sans frontières ? Vraiment ?! Avec moins de 500 membres, la famille canadienne a connu de fortes divergences et frôlé l’éclatement sur le seul projet qu’elle a jamais eu. C’est le seul Chari qui a permis d’éviter le pire…

Si Chari n’avait pas été là, que serait-il arrivé à cette pauvre petite famille si désunie ? Alors, quand Chari ne sera plus là ? Qu’est-ce que Patel pourra bien faire ?

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