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24 mai 2013

Reality without covering (part 50)

Copie d'un texte de S.C.Kishore & Sharad Chandra sul leur site internet

Parthasarthi diverting Mission funds for his family and the friends helping him in his game plan

For long before 1998, Parthasarthi’s only son Krishna and his family were not living with him. In that period, Krishna attended unsuccessfully several jobs/businesses. In the year 1999 or so, on Parthasarthi’s assuring his future with substantial hard cash, which is the way generally understood of securing anyone’s future, they all returned to him and are living since then in ‘Gayathri’ at Sri Ram Nagar, Chennai. Krishna ostensibly is not engaged in any independent occupation.
The house ‘Gayathri’ was beautifully and very lavishly renovated sometime back with diverted public funds legally which in reality belonged to Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur (U.P.). There is nothing more that Krishna may have to spent in his lifetime on the house where he is living. Of course, a day will definitely come when Krishna would be at his wits to explain the source for that expensive renovation, etc.
Further, Krishna is the main beneficiary or trustee of various trusts created by his father, Parthasarthi, after grabbing the Presidentship of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur. In fact, Krishna may inherit so much wealth created from diverted funds that his generation may not be required to do any kind of job, till such time the diverted funds and assets created out of that go back to the rightful owner, which is quite likely as per the law of nature. In that case, at least Krishna and his family will be hardest hit, as Krishna has not trained himself for any painstaking and intelligent occupational exercise. It is also generally seen that recipients of such unearned moneys acquire various unwanted habits injurious for themselves and the Society.
There are few persons like Madhava Reddy appearing as Parthasarthi’s friend and his best well wisher. In fact, he is one of those persons who have helped him in the Mission’s funds diversion drive either by offering as front person for the diverted funds or in various other ways. A few such front organizations are
- HTC Global Services (India) Private Ltd (Indian arm of US based Company ) with branches reportedly in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, UAE, Singapore, Hongkong, Australia
- HTC Finance Pvt Ltd
- HTC Development Centre Pvt Ltd, etc
Once enquiries and investigations start into diversion of Missions funds and their ultimate beneficiaries and uses, many startling disclosures will come to surface. Parthasarthi has to live to see the unfolding and play of that drama, of which he himself is the architect. May God bestow wisdom to all those who depend upon Him.
Shahjahanpur/Delhi Amen
15th May 2013

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