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Kamlesh Patel (1/04/2015)

25 août 2012

Sharad Chandra Saxena se lâche...


Un nouvel éclairage sur les derniers mois de Babuji
Le point de vue de Sharad Chandra Saxena

 En 1982, Babuji disait à son petit-fils Sharad : “nature will punish him [Chari] during his last living days.” Aujourd’hui, Sharad ajoute : “Recently, when I came to know about Chari’s physical condition, I remembered His said words; now nature has started taking its part.”
Les hostilités reprennent…

Silence radio des enfants d’Umesh Chandra Saxena, Navneet et Puneet, depuis un moment. C’est aujourd’hui l’aîné des petits-enfants de Babuji, Sharad qui reprend le flambeau des attaques contre Chari. Depuis la mort de Babuji en 1983, la querelle de succession entre Chari et les descendants de Babuji ne s’est jamais éteinte.

Le 23 mars 2011, Sharad, fils de Prakash Chandra Saxena et petit-fils de Babuji (ex candidat à la succession de Babuji en 1983-84) créait un website intitulé ‘Société pour la Mission de Babuji’ : , avec Shubh Chintak Kishore. Ils disaient alors que la SRCM avait grossi trop vite et dérivé de son objectif initial, qu’ils avaient créé leur propre société pour promouvoir indépendamment le Sahaj marg, mais dans le but final de fusionner à terme avec la SRCM (voir ).
La critique de Chari restait feutrée, même si Sharad y est présenté comme le seul et unique successeur de son grand-père : “Last sitting of him [Sharad] with Babuji was in Paris in (August) in 1982 when he placed both his arms on his head and told "Sharad all I have , I have transferred it to you . Here after you will be the one and only powerful person".”
Il n’est peut-être pas inutile de rappeler qu’au moment de la succession de Babuji, son fils aîné Prakash a présenté la candidature de Sharad, refusée parce que reposant sur des documents considérés comme des faux. Ce n’est qu’ensuite qu’Umesh, autre fils de Babuji, présenta sa propre candidature, acceptée celle-ci.
Depuis 1984, Umesh puis ses fils Navneet et Puneet s’opposent violemment à Chari. Mais depuis l’an passé, il semble que l’opposition principale provient de Sharad qu’on avait un peu oublié depuis 1982-1983.

Chari vieillit. Depuis le 15 juillet, ses problèmes de santé s’accentuent à tel point qu’il est absent des cérémonies pour ses 85 ans (voir Bulletins de santé). Le 15 août, il convoque une assemblée générale extraordinaire où il évoque son éventuelle démission (voir Tragicomédie au Sahaj marg). SC Kishore et Sharad Chandra Saxena en profitent pour durcir le ton, diffusant un peu partout les deux textes ci-dessous à propos de la « Déclaration de Paris » de Babuji du 15 août 1982.

Chari y est présenté comme s’opposant à la volonté de Babuji et dressant des abhyasis (danois) contre Babuji. Sharad qui accompagnait alors partout Babuji aurait conseillé à son grand-père de punir Chari qui lui aurait répondu : “nature will punish him during his last living days.”
Pour Sharad, les problèmes de santé actuels de Chari sont le juste retour de ce qu’aurait annoncé Babuji il y a 30 ans, la nature se venge aujourd’hui…
Tout ce qu’a fait Chari serait contraire à la volonté de Babuji, et diffamant pour la Mission qu’il avait créée…

En 2011, l’opposition de Sharad à Chari était feutrée, cette fois Sharad n’y va plus avec le dos de la cuillère, il fonce dans le tas ! La succession de Chari attise les convoitises et fait resurgir tous les problèmes qui avaient surgi au moment de la succession de Babuji…


Pour plus d’infos, lire La famille de Babuji


 Shubh Chintak Kishore

To-day it is exactly 30 years when Rev. Babuji signed the “Paris Declaration” at His residence at Dewan Jograj in Shahjahanpur (UP – India) . The said document was to be read at Paris ( France ) in the gathering of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur, abhyasis who will be assembling there from all over the world to see their beloved Master. After Rev. Babuji’s programme for visiting Paris was finalized in the beginning of the year 1982, one day at Shahjahanpur . I said to Him that great Personalities visit to some place or attending to some programme/occasion have usually been marked by performing certain commemorative things/acts, which are always remembered in future and remind & inspire the people, like Lord Rama’s presence in South is reminded by His visit to Lord Shiva temple at Rameshwaram. So I made a humble request to Him if His visit to Paris in August 1982 (AD) could also be marked by His message to humanity which may be called ‘Paris Declaration’. He agreed to my suggestion. I was thrilled by the idea that my Master’s message given by Him to humanity from a country abroad would go down as a historic event in the annuls of spiritual history. Further, request was, therefore, made by me to Him to give guiding directions for preparation of His message for the Paris declaration. He gave certain salient features which should form part of the message with the direction to me that I should develop those ideas in consultation with Prakash, His eldest son, who was an Advocate and an expert in drafting. Accordingly, a draft was prepared as per His directions and put up to Him for consideration. He suggested certain changes and improvements in the same. With those fresh directions, necessary amends and additions were made in that draft with due consultation with Prakash Bhai Saheb. I remember when Bhai Saheb was dictating the matter, I used to feel as if the words were coming out from Rev. Babuji’s Divine mouth. Finally, the declaration was written in fair handwriting by me on white paper and put up to Him for signature. He heard it very carefully and then put up His hand to the Paris Declaration on 15th day of August 1982. It was His direction to keep the document secret till it was read at Paris . Printing of the declaration was done at Delhi under my directions and sent to Paris along with Rev. Babuji. Maintaining its secrecy thereafter was not in my control. Stating as preamble that humanity was one and power for human evolution will flow from His place in India - He gave the road map for its propagation throughout the world. It is a document for organizational step-up and propagation of the Sahaj Marg System Founded by Him. The ‘Paris Declaration’ did not suit Sri Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari. He opposed it at Paris and reportedly excited abhyasis from abroad against it. Dear Sharad who was with Rev. Babuji all the time at Paris, has been very recently instructed by Him to disclose the activities of Chari in this regard at Paris for awareness of abhyasis as the time for that has now arrived. Dear Sharad, would, therefore, be writing separately on this subject. Chari’s activities while working as Acting President of the Mission, are a witness that he did not follow Paris Declaration. May the glory of my Master – Rev. Babuji’s – shine and illuminate the hearts of true seekers of humanity all over the world till this universe lasts.

New Delhi
15th August 2012


Last conversation with Rev. Babuji Maharaj
at Paris (France) in August and September 1982
before His mahasamadhi 14th Aug 2012
Sharad Chandra

During the morning meditation today at 3.40am, I was remind of the words spoken by Rev. Babuji Maharaj at Paris around the same Indian time. Babuji; “What all I am telling you regarding My mission (object) and about popularly known members, never hesitate to make it public. I trust your boldness; it is important and is required to fulfill my mission (object)”. Sharad; All these popularly known members of SRCM are quite elder to me in age, how to say your opinion about them? Babuji; Spirituality is bold and independent, it has no connection with physical age. It rewords or punishes as per the actions. I am opening many secrets before you with the belief that it will reach all deserving considered through you. Most painful happening at Paris; Few Danish abhyasi came to meet Rev. Babuji Maharaj and told Him, “Babuji, if you declare this Paris declaration we will leave the mission”, He was not happy hearing this, He looked at me and I immediately requested Him to permit me to reply them He permitted and I told them if you want to leave the mission, please do that and get out from the room, but the Declaration will be made. After they had left, Babuji said to me “why Chari planted this way and made people to talk like this to me”. I said because Chari wants to take your position, he is looking for and waiting for impossible position. Please punish him, He waited for some time and said nature will punish him during his last living days. Recently, when I came to know about Chari’s physical condition, I remembered His said words; now nature has started taking its part. His talks with me showed that He was well aware of future planning of Chari and that is why He has mentioned every thing in Paris declaration. Since Chari was not happy with Declaration, so he started convincing people to oppose it. In reality, it in no way concerns members, it affects only untrue office bearers. My observation confirms that all his work is against His wish which is defaming His created mission.


Extrait de
About Sharad Chandra

Sharad Chandra was born in famous saxena Kayastha family. Ramchandraji was his grandfather popularly known as "Bapuji". In 1979 Bapuji visited his room and asked him to come to him for meditation. His first experience soon after closing his eyes, was that he had reached different level of world. After reaching room he realized that bapuji was very powerful and could change anything from bad to good or vice-verse. He started meditation but was not regular . Second sitting to him was given by Rev. Babuji in 1980 for ten minutes and the same day he told Sharad his faculty for "Vairagya" has been opened. Third time he was given sitting in 1981. Every time in his sitting he felt that he was drenched in power. Last sitting of him with Babuji was in Paris in (August) in 1982 when he placed both his arms on his head and told "Sharad all I have , I have transferred it to you . Here after you will be the one and only powerful person". Sharad chandra is whole heartedly working for " Bapuji mission to make Sahaj Marg as world religion". Shri Ram Chandra mission founded by him is globally knowned and accepted as perfect way of God realization. Sahaj Marg is the natural and easy way of self realisation. Inner Inspiration by Sharad Chandra is precise reflection of his thougth derived from Special personality known as Rev. Babuji. The deeper understanding of "Inner Inspiration" will remind you about William Shakespear words "Brevity is soul of inner wit".

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4d-Don a dit…

J'ai reçu ce commentaire de Michael à l'article d'Alexis. Michael était precepteur de Chari aux Etats Unis (region de Boston), et parti du Commité de Publications. Michael a deux blogs: Inner Circle of SRCM:


Skai Journey:

Blogger Michael said...


1922: A young man from Shahjahanpur visits Ram Chandra of Fateghar (Lalaji) in his personal spiritual quest. He visits a few more times and maintains correspondence with Lalaji unti his death.

1931: Lalaji passes, leaving many close associates to continue the tradition, in the spirit of cooperation, without competition. This proceeds without issue for more than a decade.

1945: The young man from Shahjahanpur dreams that he should be the sole successor of Lalaji's tradition, and declares it to the world. He demands that all others submit to his Mastery and Mission or be "Cut Off". He dreams of Lalaji and others who dictate a rewritten history for him to establish his Mission upon.

1983: The man from Shahjahanpur has become old. Referred now as Babuji, he suffers in his last days. His Mission is divided before his very eyes. His health is failing. His star disciple P. Rajagopalachari, repeats the identical act that Babuji performed years earlier- self proclaiming is successorship as Master, at the expense of other senior disciples. He adopts a similar tradition of receiving messages from dead Masters to validate his successorship, rewriting history and threatening harsh consequences to his dissenters if they don't comply.

2012: P.Chari now suffers in his last days, as Babuji did before him. Similarly, he suffers from ill health, and an overly ambitions, power seeking Inner Circle. In an attempt to cheat history, he strives to prevent a similar end, but his first attempt to do so fails as the candidate he initially appoints unexpectedly "resigns" from the "Master in Waiting" position.

He strategically appoints one of the more ambitious of his inner circle. This time, he puts on a dramatic performance, offering to resign as President/Master. Armed with a recent letter from his long since dead Master, full of praise and support, he temporarily stalls those lusting after power, those eager to self proclaim their successorship, eager to create their own inner circle.

... Ahh, but, the story is not end here!

- History cannot be cheated.

- The Inner Circle is dissolving into a Spiral.

- The environment is ripe for more dissent from within.

- Dissent from outside hungrily awaits as the Inner Circle dissolves.

It doesn't require channeling messages from the dead to predict the future. Just an honest historical perspective.


Sun Aug 26, 09:57:00 AM

Alexis a dit…

Shubh Chintak Kishore a dit le 2 août (posté le 27 août 2012 sur :
“(…) After His [Babuji] mahasamadhi , when Sri Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari managed to manipulate the presidency of Shri Ram Chandra Mission in his favour taking court’s help and having succeeded in his efforts, he left no stone unturned in seeing that he made the best use of that opportunity in minting money in the name of Rev. Babuji, Rev. Lalaji and the Mission (SRCM). In the process he downgraded the Sahaj-Marg system to the lowest ebb as it suited him. But, this was against Rev. Babuji’s sacred intentions and His hard labour, which Chari well realized.
Therefore, Rev. Babuji at last selected two of us, Sharad and myself, who were closely associated with Him during His physical sojourn in this world, to see to it that the value of Sahaj-Marg were restored at the level it was left over by Him. Truthfulness of accounts and finance management are inter-linked with the maintenance of the purity of any system. He said “these are the main task that you two now have to do in your life time under my direct guidance”. He does not rely on anybody else for these works. According to Him, increaeing the number of abhyasis can be done by others as well, but the above work can not be done by anyone else except two of us and if it were not done by you people now, it will never be done. (…)”
Bref, SC Kishore dit qu’après avoir pris le pouvoir par la manipulation et grâce au système judiciaire, Chari a manipulé les comptes financiers de la Mission, détournant ainsi le Sahaj marg de son objectif. Selon lui, n’importe qui peut accroître le nombre d’abhyasis, peu de gens peuvent garantir l’honnêteté de la gestion financière de la Mission. Babuji a désigné son petit-fils Sharad et SC Kishore pour reprendre les choses en main, sous sa supervision directe.
Au moins, ils ne cachent pas leurs prétentions…

Alexis a dit…

Et ça continue, SC Kishore déverse son venin sans compter sur le website de Sharad (www.societyfor, rubrique "spotligt".
Un seul destinataire pour tout ce fiel : CHARI...

Anonyme a dit…

Pas seulement la garantie de l'honneteté financière, mais aussi la pureté du système.

4d-Don a dit…


Bon!! On peut dire que ces gens qui font parti du mouvement Sahaj Marg et maintenant du Sahaj Marg(tm) de Chari, sont vraiment des "SPIRITUALISTES"...

On ne voit pas beaucoup de "SPIRITUALITÉ" dans leurs manigances ...

Ces paroles sont attribuées à Jésus, le Sauveur (Christ) des Chrétiens, une autre religion dont Chari appele: "corrompu": (pas une citation exacte)

Ce n'est pas ceux qui disent "Maitre, Maitre" ou qui prient le Divin à genoux, qui sont sauvés et entrent au Paradis, mais ceux qui font la volonté du DIVIN ...".

Donc, ceux qui savent "aimer le prochain" ... le plus grand des "commandements".

Ces querelles de famille (ces divisions) au Sahaj Marg sont très révélantes.

Ces méditant(e)s, avec leurs gourous, leurs idoles et leurs "personalités spéciales" ne sont vraiment pas plus "saint(e)s" que les Chrétien(ne)s et les Musulman(ne)s, qui eux aussi PRIENT très souvent durant la journée.

Maintenant, nous avons deux autres anciens abhyasis que recoivent des messages directement de Babuji et qui accusent Chari!! Hmmm!!!

Le "Brighter World" n'est pas un place de PAIX et de Serénité... alors? La chicane continue de l'autre côté??

Ah!! La joie du SPIRITUALIME??

Et il y a encore ce site qui ne voit pas d'activité depuis Sept, 2011 ... Le SPIRITUALISME n'attire pas les gens!! Nous (notre société) devenons plus SAGES!! Ces "cons" spiritualistes en parvenance des Indes ne nous aurons pas cette fois ... grace à la "technologie", grace à l'INTERNET.

Messages From Babuji of Sahaj Marg

Don ...