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“Take criticism seriously, without anger or sadness. Use it for correcting yourself, and welcome it.”
Kamlesh Patel (1/04/2015)

20 mars 2008

Soeur Kasturi

Voici encore un discours de Soeur Kasturi, récemment publié sur le blog
Celui-ci date de 1993, mais une nouvelle fois, toutes les références vont vers Babuji. La Shri Ram Chandra Mission et Chariji ne sont jamais évoqués.


By Rev.Sister Kasturi Chaturvedi
On 03 –02 –93.

Dear brothers and sisters,

In the pursuit of our Goal of life viz. “Realization of the Ultimate” and in the process of strengthening our ties of love and devotion to Shri Babuji Maharaj, we are once again meeting this evening – of course, after a long time interval. I am however, confident that during this interval, you have progressed much on the path of spirituality under the able guidance and care of my brother here.

Whenever abhyasis come to me during weekly satsang or utsav or at any other time, they generally have one common complaint that they are not able to do meditation properly. It is disturbed by a flow of chain of thoughts. Every time I explain the method, its requirements and also emphasize the need to do it correctly as prescribed by Shri Babuji Maharaj. Today again, I would like to explain to you all one fundamental aspect of our Sahaj Marg sadhana – which forms its base. I am confident that once you are able to understand as to what is the base of our sadhana, you would definitely have a much clearer view of your goal and type and degree of cooperation, which Shri Babuji Maharaj expects from you.

Meditation really means a constant effort to remember the “Divine”. In the words of Shri Babuji Maharaj, “only keep this in your mind that God id within you”. To elaborate: Shri Babuji Maharaj said, “God is within you but you are not in Him”. This simple, apparently minor, but fundamental lapse on our part has, in fact, created the need for spirituality and hence the proliferation of various sadhanas. If anyone asks me – why and how humanity will need spirituality my one sentence answer will be – “so long as we do not start living in Him”.

God knows that He is within every creature – every human being. The inner of all living beings - - big or small, rich or poor, pious or sinner, who worship Him and also those who reject and hate Him – is illuminated only by His presence. As far as His presence is concerned He has only one-state of being, as Omni present without distinction and discrimination of any kind. It is the divine law. It is the manifestation of THAT, HIS creation. It is when we, the human beings – forget this ETERNAL TRUTH that ‘HE is within us’, we get separated from HIM – the base of our being. As a result – instead of remembering that we are within HIM – we direct our total energy and effort towards our material welfare – completely neglecting the spiritual goal and thereby create a sphere of our own and thus unknowingly and inevitably a gap between HIM and ourselves. It is just to bridge this gap that we need spirituality and a method – a sadhana.

It is in fact Dame Nature in all Her mercy and sympathy blessed the entire creation and the humanity in particular, with the presence of the Divine Personality, Shri Babuji Maharaj and with the unique and unparallel means viz. Sahaj Marg sadhana for clearing the opaque film of materialism or the cataract of the mind and guiding them to retrace their steps back Home. But as the saying goes ‘to err is human’ we again commit the same mistake in course of our practice of meditation. In the practice of meditation we again forget the fundamental base that ‘Divine is within our inner’ and get our mind involved only in the means (sadhana) to the goal. This only results in multiplying the thoughts and the means, the very desire to Realization of the Ultimate, could not be inculcated, what to say of an intense craving. This happens so because we fail to establish any inner attachment with the goal and waste all our love and devotion with the means – the sadhana – a reflection of the mechanical or physical approach, the externalized worship.
When Shri Babuji Maharaj expects the abhyasis to keep in their mind that God is within their hearts and that they should learn to remain connected with HIM, it simply means that He has given that basis of Reality to our Sahaj Marg sadhana. Hence, dear brothers and sisters, we have first to give only this molding to our thought-power that Divinity is within our hearts and we have to live in THAT. When this thought is infused and imbibed, may be through repeated but constant efforts, then the first and instant effect, will be that our thoughts which have a wandering tendency will gradually get settled and in course of time, get connected with the main SOURCE.

Secondly, when we take Divinity or Reality as the base of our sadhana then in the process, the Divine Power will also help us in our efforts, though we may not be aware of it. But I may tell you that a circle is then formed which throws away all unwanted thoughts outside, saving you from disturbance in meditation.

The first beneficial effect, which we then begin to feel, is purity of thought accompanied by the firmness that ‘Divinity is really within our heart’. Subsequently as speedily, we could harness the celestial energy and develop the feeling of Reality; with the touching of the Divine Power, the simple thought that ‘Divine is within our inner’ gets transformed into a sankalp.

Our mind and thoughts both then get a natural attachment with that sankalp and this enables the abhyasi to sustain the remembrance that ‘HE is within his inner’. Gradually, even our involvement in our worldly duties also does not disturb our feeling of nearness to the Divine. Now you will feel that your mind (manas) remains drowned in the feeling of the blissful state of nearness (samipyatha), which, as you all know, is the first stage of Liberation, which is a very high condition in our sadhana.

You may put a question here that Shri Babuji Maharaj has said to begin the meditation with the supposition of the Divine Light being present in our inner, then why the above process?
Dear brothers and sisters, I can very well recollect even today that I wrote to Shri Babuji Maharaj, that I was able to feel the presence of Divine Light in my inner only for two days after I began the meditation. After that I was getting more inner happiness in sustaining only this thought that Divine was in my inner. Shri Babuji Maharaj then wrote to me: “ I tell to start meditation with the supposition of the presence of Divine Light, when there was darkness. And darkness was there because you had separated yourself from the naturally enlightened light of the Divine Power and created a long gap. Now when you have begun to have the feeling of His presence in your inner, you should, then aspire to keep your inner drowned in the pleasant feeling of His nearness. You have been bestowed with this gift as a result of your practice of meditation and that is why the base of your meditation should now be the feeling of inner happiness, for being nearer to Him”.

Now onwards the fomentation of the feeling of nearness to Him (Shri Babuji Maharaj) gradually starts melting of all the grossness, which creates obstacles between ourselves and the Divine. Thus, you will notice that the two processes namely, first the process of melting and cleaning of the obstacles and second, the process of development of devotion – which is inculcated in us as a result of our feeling of ’nearness’ go on simultaneously. With the evolution of devotion, the abhyasi is further blessed with the requisite Divine Power, which not only inculcates a mere desire for Realization of the Ultimate, but also strengthens and intensifies it into an incessant intense craving to have the Realization.

Now at this stage the practice of meditation loses its characteristic of merely being a technique (sadhana) of realizing the goal and acquires the attribute of a ‘Real Sadhana’. To understand the real meaning of the word ‘Sadhana’ we can bifurcate it into ‘Sadh’ and ‘na’. ‘Sadh’ means an exclusive and intense craving for Realization and ‘na’ means nothing besides that – no other desire remains.

Dear brothers and sisters, in this way by giving a proper direction to your mind and by providing a real base to your thought power – you can very easily get rid of your complaint that you are not able to do meditation or that you are disturbed in that process by your wandering mind and thoughts, your complaint will then turn into another, that now mind and thought are completely engrossed in the goal and you are unable to direct them to any other side, other than Shri Babuji Maharaj.

I would therefore, request you all to do your constant practice of meditation keeping the Reality in its base. Shri Babuji Maharaj has revealed to the humanity that the whole system of ‘Sahaj Marg Sadhana’ has descended from ABOVE as the gift from NATURE. We also know that our system of Sahaj Marg is refinement of ‘Raja Yoga’, which also implies that the Raja i.e. the Divine King is in our heart and just to get ‘yog’ i.e. union with HIM. Hence, once again I would like to impress upon you the need to correctly understand the implications of Shri Babuji’s saying that ‘Divine is within you but you are not in HIM.’ In meditation, you should try again and again to ‘keep in mind that Divine is in your inner and you have to remain in THAT’.

One more point I would like to emphasize here is that when one reaches this stage of spiritual advancement one feels a natural change in the base of our sadhana. This change is that in place of feeling the presence of Divinity in your inner, you experience the presence of Shri Babuji Maharaj (Divinty in Human form) not only in our inner but all around us. Now again you just see the beauty of the system that although you feel His presence your mind does not get involved in having His Darshan. It only gets a drowning condition in that feeling and that is why when I wrote to Shri Babuji: ‘Babuji with the fomentation of the feeling of nearness to you – whatever inner happiness I feel – the mind is deeply drowned in it and it is difficult to get out of it’. He wrote to me ‘this is the beginning of Laya –avastha’.

This also proves the saying of Shri Babuji Maharaj that ‘to see Master is not our aim, instead we should draw something from His darshan and presence – when He appears in our inner – during or after meditation.

When Shri Babuji Maharaj finds His abhyasi children at this stage of spiritual advancement, He smiles naturally and we can have glimpse of it in our inner.

I earnestly pray to Shri Babuji Maharaj that He may bless you all with such advancement and that you all should aspire for intense craving to have a glimpse of His Divine Smile.

With blessings, and best wishes.

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Anonyme a dit…

Salut a toutes et tous...

Babuji's "Divine Smile" et "Divinity in Human form" etc... continue la fantaisie qu'est le Sahaj Marg.

Pourquoi pas croire que Jesus de Nazareth est DIEU alors?

Pour Rodin, Babuji dit que le pranahuti vient: "from ABOVE" et ca, si on croit les "SAINTS", Dieu ou le Divin n'est pas plus "Above" qu'en dedans ou "INSIDE"...Pas dans le coeur qui n'est qu'une pompe pour le systeme sanguin, mais dans tout l'espace qu'occupe la personne, soit le coeur, le cerveau, les poumons, les mains, etc... NOUS SOMMES UN avec le TOUT.

Il me semble que tout les disciples de cette lignee sont comme les differents sectes chretiens, musulmans, hindous, etc...Ce n'est que de la RELIGION qui pretend avoir le POUVOIR DIVIN a leur disposition...NOUS l'avons TOUS...Mais nous le VENDONS PAS comme une commodite.

Salut a tous...


Elodie a dit…

Rodin a ajouté un nouveau commentaire sur votre message blog "Jetons le doute" :

re-lol n'essaies tu pas de te convaincre? Bon comme je suis de bonne humeur je vais dire comme toi: Babuji et chari sont de tres vilains extra-terrestres!
On arrive au dernier trimestre à la fac et je dois terminer mon memoire. Je n'aurai plus le temps de venir ici. Bonne continuation

Alexis a dit…

Puisqu'on est ds les textes, voici un texte attribué à Raghavendra Rao (date inconnue), selon les dires de Suresh Kumar Makam :


Oh! Lord, Oh! Gracious One,
This Meek Self Seeks a further Grant From Thy August and Noble House as ever, as never satiated ous One, in seeking as long as This Tiny Existence Continue to REMAIN IN THE AWARENESS OF THIS STATE, That sought Grant be in the form of Rememberance of The Beloved One,

“……..Aapi Ki Nazaron ne Samjaha Pyar ki Kaabil Mujhe, Ji Huzoor Muze he Manzoor Hai Aapi Ki Eh Faisala…….,”

Unless This State of mine be turned to The Master, there is no solace or satiation to this state, when attempts, efforts are made by me and a motion is created in the self and created motion of self set into motion of momentum in that direction, Those attempts and efforts taken the form of ‘Dynamic State’ Shri Babuji Maharaj accepted that state as Sadhana, Abhyas, or Practice and all along goading me, corrected and oriented them as So,thence this turned state became a statement and a statement to be stated or placed before The Master, then, hence it is Considered By The Master and Treated as The Prayer and Accepted, so let me State The Prayer,

Oh! Master,

Thou Art The Real Goal of Human Life,
We are Yet but Slaves of Wishes putting bar to our advancement,
Thou Art The Only God and Power to bring me Upto That State.

After this attempt of placement of self at the lotus feet of Him, a sort of whirling of motion is experienced within me and produced raise of tides of emotions thereby making me to experience the very state of my Life, Living and Continue to Live and when I further ponder over these states I end in expressing this state this way but I do not know how, why, such state emerged and who made to emerge this state apparently no idea but it can only happen by The Act of Rajayogi who is guiding me, training me and orienting me.

When strangely my thoughts hovering around my life, living and remaining in the state of continue to live and the resultant effect is felt in the reality of “ physical times” which were just and simply gulfed in a ziff by me without having any control or orientation of time or meaning of time, “The Physical Time” is getting consumed without any awareness of anything, to say about life, living and continue to live as well as the time, a perfect directionless state as I have no awareness of experience of the direction of my life rather am spinning with such a velocity in the Cosmos like The Mother Earth Moving Eternally In The Deep Space never remaining at any point of specific destination or pathway, suddenly an awareness descended, opening the faculty of my mind and by slip getting a little control of the slipping time along with the way am consuming everything and this state led me to ponder over the subject matter of My Life, Living, Continue to Live State and this further led me to the state of exhaustion of mind and heart and when I am in such a state not knowing what to do, how to do, unnoticedly my mind and heart got riveted around a new thought about the purpose of Life and Living and suddenly a thought crossed my mind to look into ‘BhagavdGita’ Text and I just opened the Book and for my astonishment I found the following Verse, it appeared to me as befitting answer for my unknown quest expression as The Purpose of Life and Living as Human, as I am, as The Lord Emergence By Himself, as Human, a ‘stunning feat’ I thought to myself.

Ajopi SannAvya Atma Bhootanam Iswaropi San
Prkriti Swamadhistaya SambhavamAtma Maya Ya.

The Lord Sri Krishna Ji Created The Purpose of Human Life By Declaring To One and All The Supreme Truth of His Advent and Emergence by this way to The Entire Creation and His Presence in The Human Form as Human Being., this being and became The Highest and Supreme Goal for The Human Life to Attain That State “The Human” Of Which He is The Form.

Every one of us proclaim, assert and further believe in the fact that we are human race as we are very distinct and different from rest of the species of the creation and we have two clear, definite features ‘Thinking’ and Speaking Language’s and certain of common features in physique, in the faculties, in the functions, in the needs, in feelings, in emotions, in expressions and we all can THINK and SPEAK A LANGUAGE, cutting across THE GLOBE, thereby we have broken the barriers of NATION OR NATIONS, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” further expanded its definition and Created a UNIVERSAL MAN, Saying We are HUMAN – HUMAN RACE we belong, but every one of us in our heart of hearts knows the reality That This Statement is An Ideal To Achieve, as we are living in the ample proof state of affairs contrary to That Ideal in the form of Wars, Genocides, Atrocities in the name of Religion, Mafias, Drug Barons, Underworld Dons, and White Color Heinous Crimes, Arms Race, Wealth inflicted Crimes of Unparallel Dimensions, perpetuation of crimes in the form of Scientific Advancement and Research in the field of Chemicals, Medicines, Bio-Technilogy etc., etc.,

Then The Lord made provisions for the fallacies and short comings of humankind as He Lived in Such Times Which are Comparable with our present Times hence He Porclaimed as The Declaration of Human in the Following Verse in Bhagavad Gita.

Manushanaam sahasreshu kaschidyatati sidhdhaye|
yathathamapi sidhdhanaam kaschinmam vetti tatva thaha||

Bahunam Janama Namanthe, Jnavanamam Prapadathyathe
Vasudevaha Sarvamithi Mahatma Su Durlabhaha

The State of That Supreme Goal is Tougher than Toughest has been in The State of Veiled Since For Long Time In The Womb of Times which The Lord Un Veiled and Declared That Who Could achieve That Supreme Goal as Human, The Lord mentioned with the above Verse.

Yam Hi Na Vyathayanthethe Purusham Purushrsha Bha
Samadukka Sukam Dheeram So Amruththavya Kalpathe.

By This Above Verse Declaration The Lord gives as The Gift to the Mankind as Grant That This Shall be available to the mankind from hence forth as achievable state so as to achieve That Supreme Goal, which state became The Prerequisite Mind and Being State of Human.

Sukadukke Samekruthva Labha Alabhav, Jaya Ajayav,
Thatho Yuddha ya Yujjaswa, Naivam Papa mavapshya ci

As This Mother Earth being The Karma Bhoomi for the mankind and for the entire creation and as the only source and place to achieve by taking the human birth That Supreme Goal, The Lord Benevolently Gave a Further Grant To The Mankind by Emerging The Above State of Being as the Second and Further State of Being during living as human amongst This Gigantic Activity of Karma

When the purpose and goal of human life was declared as declaration of binding upon mankind to achieve by all the texts and scriptures of all the religions and thinkers, this state became synonymous of existence along with the birth as human in this land.

Time and again the purpose and goal of human life as subject matter and serious pursuit been illuminated by innumerable pathways and methods along with innumerable means by The Personalities of Godlyness in their Times in the history of mankind from Time Immemorial in all Civilizations of Mankind.

Known History and Civilizations of Egyptian, Babylonian, Chinese, and Indus Valley Civilization apart from Greek, Roman, and Persian Civilizations did present clear details of those Methods and Practices of That Highest Goal of Those Times Conception.

Zorastrianism, Judism, The Times of Mosese, The Jesus The Christ, The Islam and our own Civilization Presentation of Views, Methods, Means to begin with Vedas, Upanishads.

But for The Mankind All While Highest Goal and Ideals are and were been given but seldom or few times only in Entirety of The Goal or Ideal been Clearly Defined and Destination been Spelt and The Live Eternal Support to The Eternity been assured and A Path Way been given for The Mankind, hence this task of Achieving the goal became difficult or almost impossible as the speed of human evolution is also added further force to the complex situation and of the subject matter.

This State Led to Such a State Creating a Complete Void allowing it to be filled by The Divine.

Hence The Emergence of The Divine Master in the Human Form Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Shajahanpur, a Concession to the mankind to perceive That Divine Master as Co-Human with The Perfect Method of Practice with The Training With The Transmission and Clearly and totally Defined Goal and Path Way and With His Support into the Eternity, to achieve The Goal.

The Training aspects He Started with Physical State, Mental State, Psychic State, Spiritual State, Purity State and Leading to The Divine State with all the levels, stages, states and statuses of each state with the utilization of Transmission.

The Physical State Comprises of Innumerable compounds and is an admixture of physical energies with the perfect expression of powers, capacities, capabilities, energies and abilities having a direct bearing on rest of other states as well as upon the existence and upon co humans, so consonance has to be brought in.

Lord Krishna gave the following verse in explaining different types of human beings with variety in each of them with complete difference among them but still The Lord Asserts and Accepts all of them are human and they belong to human race, but further asserts it is only blessed few who attempts to practice the Said and Set Ideal of Him, implicitly following the path He Shown.

Manushanaam sahasreshu kaschidyatati sidhdhaye|
yathathamapi sidhdhanaam kaschinmam vetti tatva thaha||

My quotes from the Holy Text Bhagavad Gita, it appears extensively in print form in this expression of mine but The Great One, The Teacher of mine Raja Yogi Shri Raghavendra Rao of Raichur made me and making me to experience and pass through all those states and continuing to induce the experiences, visions, feelings, states and Status of different types of Yogic Experiences through the Transmission in everyday during my personal practice time and also all throughout the day, having perfect control and command upon the thoughts and thought process, of my being and able to bring in or induce or interpret or orient or guide or materialize the befitting things within me, around me, and out of me, such was the command of My Teacher – Raja Yogi –Yoga Drastara my Beloved Appa.

Anonyme a dit…

C'est drôle et spirituel, et toujours pas de réponse à mes questions.

Je me navre que les gens prennent pour argent content ces évidences que les "gens raisonnables" donnent à voir.

S'ils avaient seulement le courage face à la menace de discrédit, et de se poser malgré tout des questions pour gratter au-delà des apparences, du politiquement correct, et du raisonnable, puis de faire des recherches sérieuses, ils se libèreraient de pas mal de choses.

Chari s'est prononcé à plusieurs reprises sur ce sujet, désolé de déranger tes convictions. Pose lui la question directement, puis tu pourras même lui rire au nez et le traiter d'extraterrestre :-)

Hello Don !

Tu touches peut-être un point essentiel quand tu fais une mise en parallèle entre toutes les religions.

Si j'ai suivi correctement le fil, aucune religion ou "tradition spirituelle" n'est jamais sortie de nulle part.

On trouve toujours à la base de toute religion ou de tout courant spirituel un homme qui avait reçu un enseignement, à partir duquel son inspiration et son expérience le conduisent à produire une nouvelle synthèse.

Il n'y a jamais un homme qui fait émerger cet enseignement de rien, bien que le mythe religieux le prétende pour asseoir son pouvoir sur ses adeptes et vis-à-vis des autres courants.

Les formes institutionnelles varient, mais le fond reste toujours le même. L'origine spirituelle de tous les enseignements religieux et spirituels qui existent aujourd'hui est donc probablement à trouver dans le fond Védique commun, ce qui risque de ne pas plaire aux Juifs et aux autres.

Tout se perd ensuite dans la nuit des temps, et compte-tenu du caractère particulièrement avancé de cette connaissance, on peut suggérer l'hypothèse d'un apport civilisateur non terrestre. Ce n'est qu'une hypothèse qui ne fait pas vraiment sens si on ne considère que l'aspect spirituel. Au contraire, elle donne sens nouveau si on considère aussi un ensemble d'artefacts et d'éléments dont on ne comprends pas l'existence à une période aussi reculée.

J'insiste, je persiste et je signe. C'est plausible, possible et logique.

L'attitude de Rodin n'est pas une attitude rationelle bien qu'elle se présente sous cette forme. Un esprit rationnel est un esprit ouvert, qui accepte d'être soumis à toute question et examine tout problème sans a priori. Rodin manque visiblement d'information, et en plus maintenant il est de bonne humeur et il n'a plus le temps de discuter.


Anonyme a dit…


As-tu rencontré Kasturi ?

Es-tu toujours à la SRCMtm ou vas-tu chez les Sufis ou ailleurs ?

Peut-être veux-tu nous raconter un peu ce que tu trouves dans tes recherches ?


Alexis a dit…

Vendredi dernier, le 21 mars, c'était la journée internationale contre le racisme.
Au risque de te parodier, Elodie, c'est tout comme la Journée de la Femme. La SRCM n'a pas bougé, elle n'a là encore strictement rien fait, malgré son accréditation auprès du DPI de l'ONU.
Pourtant, le combat pour les droits de la Femme, ou contre le racisme, sont des sujets qui auraient pu inspirer Chari et constituer des valeurs dignes du Sahaj Marg et de son VBSE.
Mais non, faut croire que cela n'est pas digne de mobiliser ces sages spirituels...
Ils ont mieux à faire !

Elodie a dit…

Bonjour Cricri,
Mes recherches et mon parcours n'ont rien de bien passionnant. J'ai pris beaucoup de recul vis-à-vis de la Shri Ram Chandra Mission, comme tu peux t'en douter. Je ne vais plus aux satsanghs hebdomadaires et je ne participe plus à aucune de ses activités. J'ai conservé des liens avec quelques personnes que je trouve éminemment respectables.
J'ai contacté des groupes soufistes et Sant mat locaux. J'ai discuté avec beaucoup de monde et j'ai fait ma petite sélection de personnes intéressantes. C'est ainsi que je rencontre épisodiquement des soufis, sant ou sahaj margi pour converser et méditer. Ce sont des personnes que j'ai choisies et que je respecte.
Elles ont en commun des qualités humaines que je juge aussi importantes que leurs valeurs spirituelles. Elles ont aussi en commun une grande ouverture d'esprit puisqu'elles savent toutes que je n'adhère à aucun de leurs groupes mais que je les rencontre indifféremment. Cela ne les dérange absolument pas et certains m'ont même encouragée dans ce sens.
Ma démarche est donc très individuelle - individualiste ? J'essaie de me rapprocher des expériences de Michael et Madeleine. C'est aussi ce que faisait Lalaji en son temps : prendre le meilleur auprès de plusieurs maîtres pour se forger une expérience personnelle.
Je dois aussi reconnaître qu'il y a au Sahaj Marg des personnes véritablement ouvertes et très éloignées de la doctrine officielle. Il suffit de les chercher, de les choisir et d'abandonner tous les autres.
Bien affectueusement,

Anonyme a dit…

1) Il faudrait définir ce qu'on entend par racisme, car le terme est tellement mal utilisé que la notion est finalement devenue très floue et permet toute sorte d'exploitation médiatique et de manipulation. Si accepter et reconnaître que des familles humaines existent, c'est être raciste, donc mal et répréhensible, je prétends qu'il y a là une volonté de manipulation
2) et mieux comprendre le monde, ce qui est en train de se passer en Europe, et quels sont les vrais enjeux derrière l'antiracisme victimaire et culpabilisant

Ayant ces deux points à l'esprit, je trouve au contraire très sain que la SRCM n'ai pas bougé sur ce sujet.

L'antiracisme est une arme idéologique géostratégique dont le but n'est pas de promouvoir l'humanisme ou l'amitié entre les Peuples, bien que ce soit présenté ainsi pour être accepté, mais au contraire une destruction des Peuples et des nations.

Le résultat sera toujours plus de haine et de violence (exemple du Brésil, de l'Afrique du Sud, ou des banlieues françaises), des guerres ethniques sans fin dès que l'économie va commencer à battre de l'aile (l'après-pétrole, c'est dans 10 ans), et une catastrophe écologique sans précédent, à savoir la destruction du socle anthropologique des peuples qui ont eu à subir cette idéologie.

L'antiracisme est une arme servant à paralyser les réflexes de défense naturels des Nations en vue de pouvoir les asservir.

Elle permet de propager la diversité ethnique dans les pays occidentaux dans le but d'anéantir la seule force de résistance à l'impérialisme mondialiste : La nation.

L'antiracisme est donc la preuve qu'une guerre insidieuse a lieu contre les peuples d'Europe : par infiltration, psychologique et biologique.

Il semble que les sionistes soient derrière ce merdier. Je dis bien les sionistes qui sont des Caucasiens et je les distingue des Juifs qui sont autant que nous utilisés et victimes.

Le but de l'antiracisme a été de mettre en place un terrain qui va être de plus en plus exploité politiquement.

Aujourd'hui, on voit déjà comment les politiciens utilisent les tensions intercommunautaires, vis-à-vis des Juifs, des Musulmans, etc. qu'ils manipulent en vue d'obtenir l'aval de leur politique par la population, allant jusqu'au soutiens d'actions militaires illégales. On tombe tous dans le panneau si on ne voit pas ces manipulations.

Aussi, je pense qu'il vaudrait mieux éviter de glisser dans la démagogie comme tu le fais Alexis.

Je conçois que ce soit difficile de résister à la propagande débile des antiracistes quand on vit en France et qu'on se fait quotidiennement laver la cervelle.

J'espère juste que les gens peuvent prendre du recul et réfléchir à la question. Je rêve probablement pour ce qui concerne les Français et les Belges, mais les Suisses et les Québécois semblent encore avoir un peu de bon sens.


Anonyme a dit…

Hello Elodie !

Merci pour ton feedback !

C'est probablement la voie véritable que tu suis, et non une voie individualiste. Le SM(R) de la SRCMtm, suite aux dérives, est maintenant une voie individualiste.

Comme tu peux en témoigner, on ne reste pas longtemps sans être guidé. C'est un mystère qui ne peut avoir lieu sans une réelle foi.

Oui, il y a des personnes ouvertes à la SRCMtm, il y a des personnes très intéressantes et intérieurement très riches.

Sauf qu'à un moment donné il faut être cohérent avec sa démarche intérieure. On ne peut pas aider l'autre si on se soucie trop de le ménager.


Alexis a dit…

Voici pour Rodin des extraits d'un texte du Dr. K.S. Balasubramaniam initialement paru sur le website de la SRCM. Il reconnaît ici que la transmission (pranahuti) existait bien avant le Sahaj Marg, non seulement chez les hindous mais aussi chez les soufis, dans le bouddhisme et le saivisme.
Elle existait il y a très longtemps, entre Saint Vasishtha et Lord Rama, mais elle a aussi été utilisée tout récemment entre Ramakrishna et Vivekananda :

Extraits :

"The method known as Sahaj Marg which is practiced in Shri Ram Chandra Mission. It is a simple, subtle, safe and sure method which takes the aspirant towards human perfection in the shortest possible duration. The greatest advantage in this path is that, the guru or the Master or the guide, whatever one may call him, takes the responsibility of transforming an individual into a perfect human being without much effort on the part of the practitioner. This is made possible through the unique method adopted by the Master, which is termed ‘Pranahuti’ in Sahaj Marg. Pranahuti means ‘offering one’s life energy’. The Master, offers his own life-energy, directs it to the hearts of the disciple through his will power, and awakens the Soul which lies dormant in the heart of the seeker. The seeker has just to receive it in his heart, which he can feel once he turns his attention inwardly. The Pranahuti is defined as “The utilization of the divine energy for the transformation of man”. Sahaj Marg does not bar any one from experiencing this divine energy. Any one without any barrier of colour, caste, creed, sex, religion, nationality etc., can derive the benefit of the Master’s services, without paying anything in return!
Now, naturally a question arises whether this is true or just a fancy. Is there any such reference in early texts on Yoga where such phenomenon was available in ancient times ? The answer is ‘Yes’. We do have many such references in ancient texts where the Yogic energy or the divine energy was transmitted by the teacher to the disciple, resulting in the transformation of the latter. We shall see just a few of them here.
The Yoga Vasishtha, ascribed to the legendary saint Valmiki (who wrote the Ramayana), contains reference of the great saint Vasishtha transforming his disciple lord Rama at once, using this method of transmission. Here three methods of Yogic transmission, viz., by touch, by sight and through words are mentioned. The Sutasamhita, which forms part of Skandapurana, which is at least one thousand five hundreds years old, adds one more to the above list. It includes transmission through will power (or thought) and says that this is the subtlest and the highest method of transmission. It may be pointed here that Sahaj Marg adopts the same method.
In ancient and medieval Sufi systems, this technique of transmission from the heart was known as Tavajjhoh. It may also be noted that ancient Chinese Buddhism also contains references to such practices. The 9th -10th cent A.D. text on Kashmir Saivism also contains references to such method of Yogic transmission adopted by the Master in effecting spiritual evolution of the disciples.
Lord Krishna transmitted the divine energy to Arjuna on the battle field and made him an immortal hero, as can be seen from the great epic Mahabharata.
In recent times, 19th cent, A.D. the great Master of Bengal, Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa transformed his disciple, Narendranath into a Yogi of immortal fame viz., Swami Vivekananda, through the method of transmission of divine energy, Such is the efficiency of this method. The tradition has continued from generation to generation for thousands of years."

Extraits de "Evolution Of Sahaj Marg From Vedic And Yogic Practices" du Dr. K. S. Balasubramaniam, paru en version intégrale sur le website de la SRCM

Anonyme a dit…

Salut Elodie...

Je trouve les memes personnes "respectables" dans toutes les religions. C'est toujours les "moderes" qui sont au plus grand nombres dans les religions et les "fondamentalistes" qui controlent. Alors, l'argent et le pouvoir vient des "bons gens" qui ne sont pas "au pouvoir" et sont dans les "marges", et c'est les "pas si bons" qui exercent le pouvoir et causent tout les problemes de "corruption" qui sont si evidents dans toutes religions.

Alors, comme croyants au UN ou a l'UNITE, nous pouvons "UNIR" ces rives (comme un pont uni les deux rives d'une riviere), et en faire en somme que notre planete est UNE et UNIE... Les fondamentalistes sont ceux qui creent des DIVISIONS et se croient "CHOISI" du Divin pendent que les autres, sont PERDU, pas libere, damne, etc...

Nous, qui ne font pas parti d'aucun groupe, avons la besogne d'UNIR tous ces groupes.

Dernierement je vais a une "boite a chanson" des Chretiens "Calvinistes", du mouvement "REFORM Church". Je leurs chante de mes chansons que j'intitule: "Jesus wouldn't do that", "Listen Christian Man!", "Hey You!" (with a double face!), "Lord I fear", etc... Je ne suis pas "populaire" avec eux et ca les derange un peu mais je prend ma croix sur mes epaules comme Jesus et leur montre leur manque de compassion envers leur Prochain, (les "homosexuels", par exemple...) comme ils prechent contre le manque de compassion de leurs brebis envers leur "PROCHAIN"... Ensuite, je vais chanter chez les "pagans" et les "new agers", dont il y a un bon nombre ici. Comme avec un "Pont", on me marche et crache dessus de tout cote, et on m'accuse d'etre dans le camp (la rive) des "autres", mais c'est ca que les gens font avec un ;-))

Dans le future, avec un peu de compassion, ils comprendront!!

Salut a tous...


Anonyme a dit…

"the guru or the Master or the guide, whatever one may call him, takes the responsibility of transforming an individual into a perfect human being"
vs. la version Chari :
Vous ne faites pas ce qu'il faut, vous ne travaillez pas assez, vous ne faites pas votre pratique sérieusement, vous n'avez pas assez de dévotion envers le maître, vous ne servez pas suffisamment les 3M, vous êtes décadents, vous êtes Indiens, vous êtes occidentaux, vous êtes des hommes, vous êtes des femmes, etc., etc., etc.
Comment peut-il prendre la responsabilité de transformer 300'000 abhyasis ?
Tout simplement : Par magie.
Escroc !

"Pranahuti means ‘offering one’s life energy’"
Cette définition répétée par les perroquets de Babuji cause encore de la confusion.
Si c'est "one's life energy", alors c'est de l'énergie vitale individuelle.
C'est ce qui est écrit.
Si ce n'est pas de l'énergie vitale individuelle, il ne faut pas écrire "one's life energy".

"The Master, offers his own life-energy"
Ici encore.
"Oui mais et non" le tout ensemble sans que personne ne s'en étonne.
Master, c'est aussi dieu !

"The seeker has just to receive it in his heart"
Comment recevoir l'énergie vitale d'un autre dans son coeur va-t-il nous transformer, mystère et boule de gomme.
Quelqu'un sait-il encore comment ça marche à la SRCMtm ?

"can derive the benefit of the Master’s services, without paying anything in return!"
Pssst ! Chari ! T'as bien lu "without paying anything in return!" ?
L'inconscient de ton Subramaniam adorateur t'envoie des messages subtils.

"the Yogic energy or the divine energy was transmitted by the teacher to the disciple, resulting in the transformation of the latter"
On est en plein matérialisme spirituel, puisque la conception de la pranahutti est ici belle et bien quantitative.
A transmet quelque chose à B qui le prend, et cela transforme B.
On ne sait ni comment ça fonctionne, ni ce que c'est, ni par quel procédé B s'en trouve transformé : On nage en pleine psycho-magie, en plein mysticisme.
Dommage que les gens prennent le mysticisme pour de la mystique et en jouissent.

"great saint Vasishtha transforming his disciple lord Rama at once"
Vous vous souvenez ? Lord Rama, l'Avatar descendu sur Terre pour faire le job de dieu, qui avait besoin d'être transformé ou activé ou je ne sais trop par un vulgaire saint.
On s'en amuserait si ça n'avait pas des conséquences sur la vie d'autrui.

"three methods of Yogic transmission, viz., by touch, by sight and through words are mentioned"
Je vous dis autre chose et c'est probablement un scoop pour certains.
Tout le monde pratique la transmission par le toucher, y compris les animaux : Durant l'acte sexuel.
C'est un peu moins fréquent avec les deux autres média, et involontaire la plupart du temps, mais le commun des mortels y a accès aussi.
Après, qu'est-ce qui est transmi, c'est un autre problème...
Toute la Nature au printemps transmet, même la végétation.
C'est comme si la force divine était créée par la vie.
Grattez dans cette direction.

"transmission through will power"
Transmission de quoi ?
Et comment, par abus de langage et absence de concepts clairs dus à l'ignorance, la transmission est devenue l'acte de transmettre et ce qui est transmis, tout comme le maître humain est aussi dieu, et finalement la transmission qui est la force vitale du maitre est aussi dieu.
Quel micmac !

"The tradition has continued from generation to generation for thousands of years."
Il serait probablement plus juste de dire "for tenths of thousands of years", mais chut, les préhistos n'étaient pas supposés vivre plus de 25 ans, faire autre chose que des peintures dans les grottes, la guerre aux mamouths, et préserver l'espèce de telle sorte qu'à 25 ans vous étiez arrière grand-mère ou arrière grand-père.

"en version intégrale sur le website de la SRCM"

Shashwat a dit…

J'ai déjà mis une réponse au Dr K.S. Balasubramaniam article sur sahaj marg, sur mon site ainsi que notre communauté Orkut, voici

Alexis a dit…

Les abhyasis italiens veulent de nouveau acheter un ashram, malgré les déconvenues que Chari leur a réservé par le passé.

Rappel des faits
En 2005 et 2006, deux séminaires européens avaient lieu, l'un au Danemark, l'autre en Italie. Le principe semblait alors acquis du maintien de ces 2 séminaires annuels, à tel point que le 16 mai 2006, Chari approuvait le projet d'achat d'un ashram par les Italiens.
Sept jours plus tard, pour limiter les dépenses, il réduisait le nombre de séminaires européens à un seul au Danemark et annulait tout projet d'acquisition en Italie. A l'inverse, Chari autorisait le 2 juin suivant l'achat d'un ashram allemand.

Retour des italiens, 2008
Les abhyasis italiens sont tenaces et pas rancuniers. Ils envisagent de nouveau d'acheter un ashram. C'est un bâtiment de 230 m² près de Milan, à Bicocca; qui présente l'avantage de permettre l'aménagement à l'étage d'un appartement de 60 m² pour Chari.
Mais surtout, l'élément décisif mis en avant, c'est : "Grâce à un vol direct de Dubaï à Milan, cet ashram serait sa première étape lors de ses visites futures en Europe; Par conséquent, cet ashram est d'une extrême importance non seulement pour la Mission en Italie mais pour nous tous." (SRCM European Letter - Mars 2008)

Chapeau bas pour cette opiniâtreté ! Après leur déconvenue en 2006, les Italiens ont cherché de bons arguments pour que Chari ne puisse plus leur refuser ce projet. On verra bien quel intérêt il y porte…
On notera tout de même que, d'après les Italiens, le point de départ des voyages de Chari est Dubaï et non pas Madras ou une autre ville indienne. N'y a-t-il plus de vol direct entre l'Inde et l'Europe ? Ou bien faut-il conclure que Chari serait devenu citoyen ou résident permanent de Dubaï ?

Shashwat a dit…

noticed someone tried to impersonate me here,

i do not speak good enough french to edit wiki, must be some srcm zombie. can anyone revert those changes done in my name ? i burst into laughter on noticing that. its funny to see how zombies react.... lol