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“Take criticism seriously, without anger or sadness. Use it for correcting yourself, and welcome it.”
Kamlesh Patel (1/04/2015)

17 février 2006

Une totale obéissance

Aucune liberté d'expression

Richard a raison, l'argent n'est pas le seul problème.
La liberté d'expression est impossible au sein de la SRCM. Les abhyasis ne peuvent pas communiquer pleinement et ouvertement.

Notre Frère bien connu Clark Powell a créé un blog en mai 2004. Chari n'était pas content et lui a dit d'arrêter dès le début de juillet : "J'ai vu les mails proliférer entre vous et les gens et cela m'inquiête. Par ce mail je vous demande de fermer définitivement votre site Je vous remercie pour votre obéissance."

Pourquoi les échanges de mails l'inquiètent ?
Pourquoi les abhyasis doivent avoir l'accord de Chari pour communiquer entre eux ?
Pourquoi Chari a peur quand il ne contrôle pas quelque chose ?
Que veut-il cacher ?

Dans son récent voyage vers Satkhol, un abhyasi a posé la question suivante à Chari : "Que recherchez vous le plus chez un abhyasi qui vient à vous" et sa réponse, rapportée justement par Clark Powell dans Sahaj Sandesh, fut : "Je ne sais pas ce que je cherche. Mais le mieux, c'est une obéissance totale. Une obéissance sans poser de question."

Mais pouvons nous accepter d'obéir totalement alors que nous ne pouvons plus lui faire confiance ?


3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Bonjour Elodie,
J'anime un site internet sur les dangers de la SRCM ( Je pense que nous pourrions gagner à échanger d'utiles informations. Voici mon email :
Alexis Mielkarski

Elodie a dit…

Désolée Alexis, mais Elodie a lancé ce blog pour des échanges entre abhyasis et non pas pour des gens qui ne comprennent rien au Sahaj Marg.
Nos démarches n'ont absolument rien de commun entre elles.
En conséquence, nous vous demandons de ne pas insister.
Si tel était le cas, nous nous verrions obligées de bloquer vos messages avant publication.
Sincères salutations.
Jennifer & Elodie

Clark Powell a dit…

ELodie, 4-d Don, Michael, Christian:

I have been reading your blogs with interest. When I discovered a reference to me in this one, I decided to drop a note to thank you and to let you know that I am working on a book that I hope will address many of the concerns expressed and correct a few misconception based on my direct experience and 14 years of recording conversations with Chariji -- I mean recording verbatim, on tape.

I once asked Chari if I could ask him ANYTHING, even those questions some might consider rude or impertinent. He was delighted -- and our conversations ever since have been "no-holds-barred"! I never hesitated to ask the kinds of questions a child would ask, or an enemy -- for enemies are considered valuable gurus to true sadhaks.

Even so, I too once got frustrated with what I thought were the foibles and political machinations of my fellow abhyasis (what group of humans is without these things) and left the Mission to go off on my own to think over some of the issues brought up here, resigned as board member of SRCM USA and as preceptor, and after a spell, returned. I suppose I now have over 200 hours taped of what seems to be a single vast conversation, one in which we have discussed seemingly everything under the sun and maybe a few things OVER the sun as well!

My Master has always insisted that abhyasis think for themselves, and that the REAL "master" is to be found within. There is much I would say about the ancient guru-disciple tradation, beyond what was published in Yoga International or in The Sahaj Marg Companion. But right now I'm amidst the chaos of liquidating all my stuff and moving to India. I'll be offline for a spell but maybe later on I can pick up and clarify.

I'm also supposed to be working on some books, and in the frank and heartfelt discussion on these blogs I find impetus and inspiration -- I thank you all for your courage and honesty!

I don't know how long it will take me to finish the book(s) or video(s) about Chariji and Sahaj Marg but I trust you will stay tuned.

BTW, did you ever hear the one about the demon Ravanna, the sworn enemy of Lord Rama? Seems Ravanna got liberated BEFORE most of Lord Rama's devotees. Chariji told me this was because in Ravanna's passion, he was in constant remembrance of Lord Rama to a great degree.

"I suppose, then, it's important to hate the right people?" I said.

"Yes," Master replied. "Bhakti is comparatively easy -- many can love half-heartedly. But who can hate with constancy and one-pointed purity of a Ravanna?"

Live, love, and laugh a lot (for God's sake, and your own, and for the rest of us, too)! Well, that's all. For now. Stay tuned...