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“Take criticism seriously, without anger or sadness. Use it for correcting yourself, and welcome it.”
Kamlesh Patel (1/04/2015)

8 novembre 2007

Value Based Spiritual Education

4d-Don nous a fait parvenir quelques extraits du VBSE de la Shri Ram Chandra Mission, qui sert de base à l'enseignement des enfants d'une centaine d'écoles indiennes, dont LMOIS, mais aussi aux éducateurs, abhyasis du Sahaj Marg, partout dans le monde. On voit qu'à défaut de méditation, la prière et d'autres techniques précurrseures de la méditation y sont enseignées à nos enfants, sans le moindre scrupule. Vous pouvez les retrouver sur
Voici le chapitre qui concerne la Religion et la Spiritualité. Dans les 5 grandes raisons citées pour haïr la religion et lui préférer la spiritualité, remplacez religion par Sahaj Marg et Dieu par Chariji ou gourou. Le résultat est identique.





* To understand the source of religion and its effect on humanity
* To learn the differences between religion and spirituality
Thoughts for Life
* The foundation of spiritual association with God is Love.
* Where religion ends, spirituality begins.
* Spirituality is defined as a system, which makes us exist.
* Religions divide, spirituality unites.
* It is good to be born in a religion, but not to die in it.
Lesson Illustrated
* Religion: It should be considered as a kindergarten school of spiritual life. It is where we learn some basic ideas of God – What God is? What divinity is? – things like that. Religion enforces an externalization of the mind in man’s search for God. Religion requires belief and faith. Religion speaks of seeing God, speaking with God, hearing God’s voice etc. The purpose of religion is to put a developing child into an environment where ethics, moral living, truth – all these things are taught and where in addition some idea of God is given.
Eg. Take different shaped bowls and fill them with water. Now pose the question to the class as to which bowl would they choose to quench their thirst. They will not hesitate to choose any bowl, because they are concerned only with the water and not lured by the external appearances of the bowls. This analogy reveals that the nature of different religions, their tenets, their mode of practice and religious leaders may differ, but the one essence or aim is to realize God. The word religion is derived from the Latin expression re-ligare, which means to unite or to bind or "to go back to the source" or "to reconnect us with God."
Bowls – Religions
Water – Divinity or God within
There are five very important reasons, why we should get away from religious bondage –
a. It creates division among people.
b. Every religion talks of "one God" but states that only their God is the best.
c. It promotes disharmony, violence and wars.
d. The real meaning of the tenets is forgotten and only the rituals are adhered to.
e. Religions put fear and temptations into the hearts of the people.
All religions in the world say the same thing i.e. "seek within". But do they? The answer is NO. Then what is the way? Transcend religion and move towards spirituality.
* Spirituality: The word spirituality has its birth in the word ‘Spirit’ which refers to the soul or the life force. The process of realizing this soul is spirituality.
Spirituality is not a progress or a search or travel in time. It is a travel in and into eternity. Spirituality gives us Love – Love of God, to become one with Him.
Spirituality is supposed to concern itself with the soul, just as education is with the mind, physical exercise with the body and achievement with the ego. So the whole idea in Spiritual practice / Spiritual life is to progressively refine ourselves. Spiritual practice is the only possible way of changing the heart in such a way that there is a lasting change in human character. There can be no spirituality without morality.
Do you really feel there is any difference between Religion and Spirituality? Here you are!
Religion ........................................Spirituality
Nursery Level...........................................University Level
Emphasises external cleanliness ...........Insists on internal Cleanliness
Searching Out ..........................................Searching within
It is gross ..................................................It is subtle
Rituals .......................................................Raja Yoga
Introduces the idea of God ....................Makes us realize God
Idol Worship (Stops with means) .........Meditation (leads to the end)
Divides ......................................................Unites
Based on fear and temptation ...............Based on Love and Universal Brotherhood
To sum up,
1. Religion appears to divide man from man, while spirituality “Unites all”.
2. Spirituality shapes a person to perfection and brings out the best in him.
3. Spirituality leads one towards Divinity and finally helps to merge with the Ultimate.
This is the purpose of life.
* However high a man may have reached in spirituality, if he is immoral, spirituality becomes null and void – Discuss.
* List out the tenets of any two major religions of the world and elaborate on it.
* “Religions divide humanity” – Site an example.

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Anonyme a dit…;vid=8391083

Un joli coup de propagande, je suis curieux d'en lire le contenu.

Je parie qu'à part le mythe SRCMtm sur les origines du Sahaj Marg (pardon, du Raja Yoga) on ne trouvera pas grand chose de nouveau.

Je remarque dans cette présentation par la préceptrice de l'utilisation de catégories dotées d'un crédit certain dans le sens commun, comme "praticiens", "académiques" et autres chercheurs, ça donne un côté pro sans qu'on sache vraiment quel est le contenu (si les praticiens et les académiques sont des abhyasis, adieu le réel et le sens critique, et bonjour la mythologie).

C'est toujours sexy de parler de Raja Yoga, mais ensuite, s'il s'agit d'attirer plus de monde à la SRCMtm, il faudrait aussi parler de ses dérives et dire aux gens pourquoi on a besoin d'un volume croissant de pratiquants.


Shashwat a dit…

Vous pouvez consulter mon observation concernant LMOS ici

Je vais les mettre ici aussi pour reference


* To understand the source of religion and its effect on humanity

This cult does not understands what is the source of religion, when the cult leader declares that religion divides, and then uses same religious texts to augment his childish view's, how can/will they teach children’s as what is religion ?

* To learn the differences between religion and spirituality

Spirituality originates from religion itself, there is no difference btn religion and spirituality... this is marketing strategy to sell the group... intoxicating childrens with such stupid and wage topics and destroying their life.

Thoughts for Life

* The foundation of spiritual association with God is Love.

What is love ? we should start from starting. next question what is God ? can they explain how God is love ? given the fact God is also male !!!

* Where religion ends, spirituality begins.

Destroy the basis on which society is build, remove history, remove all associations the person is your puppet... this is BRAINWASHING.

* Spirituality is defined as a system, which makes us exist.

Non spiritual person do not exist ?

* Religions divide, spirituality unites.

this is stupidity... it is SRCM which is dividing, not the religion. I have answered this topic on my blog, under section Religion and Sahaj Marg.

* It is good to be born in a religion, but not to die in it.

If there is any difference between spirituality and religion, and also religion divides, then why to born in religion ? which religion ? what is the difference between spirituality and religion, can this cult explain this, they only say religion divides spirituality unites... but have never answered what is religion and what is spirituality, and how they oppose each other to this contrast ?

Anonyme a dit…

Le lien est tronqué, après la première partie il faut ajouter celle-ci sans espace:


puis celle-ci sans espace:


pour reconstituer le lien complet et accéder à la vidéo.


Anonyme a dit…


You ask good questions, but if one wants to decode the situation in the SRCMtm, he needs to introduce a psychopathological grid in his reading to understand what he sees.

Otherwise, it would be like trying to understand Americans without the money dimension, it would make no sense of their mindset and behavior (pssst !! The srcmtm is Californian !!!).

SRCMtm people are in the denial of all the contradictions in which they are trapped, and it makes them sicker and sicker every day.

SRCMtm has anchored its propaganda in small and very impacting sentences that the most stupid people will be able to remember and repeat, as if it was a concentrate of ultimate wisdom to proudly serve to the dark world of ignorant non-abhyasis (then pray for them at 9pm and call everyone sister or brother).

We get sentences like "Religion divides, spirituality unites", repeated at nausea by everybody. What is the real meaning behind, has anyone realized it?

Of course not. They now take the religion as the enemy of spirituality, not understanding that the true meaning of this sentence is that when there is division, there is the same state of mind as the one that can be found in religious fanatics, and when there is unity, some spiritual principle is practically applied -- would it be among religious people or the profanes.

"Christ" or whatever construct this is is supposed to have said that if there is division in the heart of the disciple, darkness is there, but light is there if there is unity.

Call religion a state of mind and spirituality another one and this sentence starts to be meaningful.

So, taking a look at the srcmtm and its activities: Unity or division? If unity is to be together against all the others, I don't see a new paradigm that would be worth all this propaganda. As we say in French, ils mettent la charrue avant les boeufs, which will be attractive only for a certain kind of persons.

What do these people really fear? What do they really look for? God realization, really? And do they think that the activism in which they are engaged is devotion?


Anonyme a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

Cri cri

Je ne peux recevoir aucun video et radio sur le NET ou je suis...

Si tu ecoute le proramme, Peux-tu nous donne un "compte rendu"?



Anonyme a dit…

9 Possible Signs of Mis (or Dis) Information
posted Tue Aug 28, 09:05 PM by dreamosis

What is misinformation?

Misinformation is information that’s been distorted in the communication process. Think of a child’s game of “Telephone.” If the first child in a chain whispers the message “Green golf shirt” to their neighbor, but the last child is told “Gandalf is hurt,” then misinformation has occurred.

Sometimes misinfo happens because of literal mishearing and sometimes it happens because the message becomes overlaid with outside information like personal beliefs, but the principle is the same. Usually, misinfo doesn’t have a negative intent behind it.

What is disinformation?

Disinformation is either intentional distortion or telling lies. The intent behind disinfo is negative. By negative I don’t mean demonically evil; I mean that the intent is to limit access to accurate information.


Both misinfo and disinfo are present in the spiritual community. The truth is out there, too–as well as within–but whether you’re searching for it online or in your inner being, you will likely meet with lies at some point. Lies can be uncovered by common sense and intuition, like by noticing fakeness in a presenter’s voice or body language. Sometimes, however, detecting bad information takes a process of reasoning.

So this short article will focus upon recognizing signs of misinfo, or disinfo, that you’re likely to encounter. It will hopefully help you build your discernment. Take what works for you and leave the rest.

The signs were chosen, in part, according to these assumptions:

(1) logic is a helpful tool for evaluating spiritual information;

(2) information from a high spiritual level is free from: (a) condemnation, (b) favoritism;

(3) genuine messengers of spiritual information are clear and concise, although the ideas they present may be complex or metaphoric;

(4) genuine messengers advocate going within, testing the information, deconstructing it, and re-synthesizing it. Spiritual information isn’t copyrighted, and its genuine messengers aren’t profit-motivated.

Sign #1

(Look For: Emotionalization, Oversimplification, & Slogans)

When propaganda isn’t spotted for what it is, look out; done well, it will convey certainty and will echo the clarity of a truly wise being. Propaganda is information that is spread for the purpose of promoting a cause. Of course, because information is propagandist doesn’t mean that it’s untrue, but it does mean that there is an agenda–and agendas create a win/lose situation. And if genuine spiritual messengers are not-for-profit, then creating a win/lose situation in which they stand to gain something would be an ethical violation for them. Therefore, information that’s been treated with propagandist techniques is unlikely to be spiritually-sourced.

The three most common signs of propaganda are: emotionalization, oversimplicity in the face of an issue with many variables, and the presence of short, catchy slogans that allow people to begin serving an agenda through the collective use of mantra.

Propaganda can be subtle, but by necessity it’s aimed at your emotions. The emotional approach always gives propaganda away. Presentations that are loaded with symbols, archetypes, and sentimental images are dead giveaways.

The Charismatic Christian movement is a good example of spiritual misinfo that’s being spread through propaganda. At Charismatic churches there is an emphasis on boisterous group singing and dancing that’s often accompanied by video projections of crosses and clouds and captions like “He died for us.” I’m certainly not anti-fun, but the emotionally revved-up singing and dancing together with slogans like “Let Go, Let God” and stressing the crucifixion story again and again and Sunday after Sunday mimics the methods of propaganda. Granted, information can be unconsciously emotionalized, oversimplified, and fit into slogans without serving an agenda. But even without an agenda, those three characteristics are disempowering as they foster reactivity, put forth magical single-step solutions, and create cookie-cutter testimony.

Sign #2
Poor Logic

(Look For: Inconsistency & Logical Fallacy)

There are already many books written about logic and logical fallacies, so I’ll be brief. The litmus test for logic is consistency. If information is inconsistent then it’s illogical. There are spiritual truths that revolve around paradox, of course, and realizing those truths requires transcending the logical mind. But there are also religious and spiritual systems out there, based upon misinfo or disinfo, that are full of contradictions and inconsistencies bearing no relation whatsoever to a higher mystical understanding. Logic may not be able to deliver you to the highest spiritual state, but it helps you part way.

So look for inconsistencies. That’s where you’ll find the distortions and lies. And keep an eye out for fallacious reasoning. Logical fallacies are deliberately employed by disinfo artists because they play upon common weaknesses: believing might makes right, worship of authority, fear of change, and linear thinking. The logical fallacies corresponding to those weaknesses are Appeal to Popularity, Appeal to Authority, Appeal to Tradition, and Post Hoc (thinking that A causes B because A happened before B).

Wherever there are constellations of logical fallacies, many of them grouped together, beware. It takes a lot of mental work to imbed red herrings and set up straw man arguments. Obviously, a person could do that subconsciously in an attempt to justify his or her belief system, but it could also imply that there’s intentional distortion.

Sign #3

(Look For: Lies, Omissions, & Distortions)

Yes, this sign is self-evident; but I bring it up because it’s all too easy to rationalize away a blatant inconsistency or lie in the face of other information that gets you good results and checks out logically and intuitively. But living according to a belief system with a glaring lie in it is like continuing to eat a sandwich with moldy cheese because the meat and bread are still fresh.

If you discover a falsehood it’s important to keep evaluating because it may reveal a longer ribbon of bad information. Finding a falsehood and following it to its source is what will objectively confirm whether you’re dealing with disinfo or misinfo.

If you’re dealing with disinfo, then the most obvious piece of false information might relate to how the information came into being. This seems to be a pattern specific to disinfo. If you’re dealing with misinfo, then the pieces of false information will reveal themselves through their relationship to the rest of the information.

I list falsehoods third on the list because it’s a much easier task to track down falsehoods after you have at least two standards of judging information. If a source of information shows signs of both propaganda and poor logic, there’s a high probability it will contain falsehoods or distortions.

Sign #4
Consistently Extreme Point-of-View

(Look For: Forcefulness)

By extreme point-of-view I mostly mean views that are judgmental or condemning. In American politics, this sign takes the forms of liberal-bashing or Bush-bashing. In the spiritual circle, an example is the fundamental Scientologist’s take on drugs and psychology, or even the fundamental Buddhist’s take on eating meat. An Always or Never-type of extremism creates categories of good and evil based upon memorized lists instead of being based upon the work of discernment. It may be technically true that eating meat lowers the soul’s vibration, but ask yourself, is it never useful to lower it?

Extreme views very often reflect or lead to bad logic. In the case of the fundamental Scientologist I’ve heard “All psychology’s bad.” Certainly some psychology is bad, but saying “all” is bad logic. It’s hasty generalization. Extreme views are very often anti-intellectual or driven by moral judgment.

You may notice, too, that extreme views are often accompanied by emotional force or zeal. A quick way for determining whether you might be dealing with an extreme or unbalanced view is to determine in what way the view is being presented (With force? With calm?) Also notice if their words match their energy.

Again, extreme views are very often anti-intellectual so the views need to be believed rather than reached through reason or inner guidance. “All aliens are loving and kind” is an extreme, New Age view requiring belief. If you ask a New Ager, “Why?” pay attention to the answer. You’ll probably receive a circular answer or reasoning that’s self-referential.

In the least, extreme views defend a position at the cost of missing the big picture.

Sign #5

(Look For: Verbosity Without Substance)

At best, vagueness is a sign that the material under consideration is linguistic masturbation. You can tell if this is the case by noticing the lack of practical suggestions. This type of material is mostly or all theory. At worst, vagueness is a sign that a carrot is being dangled in front of a donkey. The donkey gives the dangler a free ride, or does his work, all the while stretching for the carrot but never eats. Somewhere between these two cases, the best and worst, is the common bullshit artist or hack that energizes you but is ultimately un-filling.

I think people fall for stuff that’s vague, but clever and pretty-sounding, because it can be a palpable thrill to read it. It feels good. An author I would put into this category is Wayne Dyer. His work, to me, fits the “tastes good, less filling” bill. It’s verbosity with little substance. I don’t think the guy’s a disinfo agent at all, but I think he makes a living by quoting great people, working people up emotionally, and then feeding them vagaries like: Persevere! Have a good attitude! Actually, I wouldn’t even go as far as saying his work is misinformation, but it is watered down. I’m uncomfortable being critical of someone so seemingly really positive, but his wisdom is nickel and dime to me.

Maybe it’s all about what level you’re on. There are people out there who’ve never experienced a good attitude. And those people probably benefit from Wayne Dyer telling them that they must be kind in order to receive kindness. Often the simplest stuff counts most, but there is a way in which simplicity leads you to naiveté and to spinning your wheels without understanding why you’re stuck.

Lastly, vagueness can also be a lack of organization. Lack of organization doesn’t mean that material is disinfo, but I think it means that there is an obstruction between a higher self and lower self somewhere. Again, this article is being written on the assumption that genuine messengers of spirit speak clearly. Clear communication doesn’t mean dumbed-down, or artistically pleasing, or imply perfect grammar. Some spiritual ideas are complex, take time to digest, and require learning. But clear communication does mean, I think, being able to be understood without having to read things into things. The higher self doesn’t give all the answers but it does give a general direction. To me, something is vague or disorganized if it offers no direction whatsoever.

Sign #6

(Look For: Commanding Verbiage)

This is a biggie. People who’ve spent a few long years exploring alternative ideologies rarely fall for this one, but because it exploits such a common weakness of the ego (being impressed by power) even seasoned seekers fall for it.

Maybe there’s a part of us that likes being told what to do, even if begrudgingly. I think the victim archetype is programmed into the human mind or the collective mind.

And all it takes for the archetype to be activated is a spell of uncertainty. In a moment of confusion an authoritarian voice can feel like the voice of God solely because of its forcefulness.

Luckily though, all it takes to get free from an oppressive authority figure is to realize that forcefulness doesn’t equal truth. Certainty doesn’t even equal truth. You can be dead certain and dead wrong.

Authoritarianism is a sign of misinfo or disinfo because spirit isn’t interested in leading–only ego is. (See assumption #4 at the beginning of this article). Genuine messengers of spiritual truth don’t want to direct you; they want you to direct yourself.

Authoritarianism is identifiable by an abundance of commanding verbiage: “you should, you ought to, you have to, you must…, always…, never…,” etc. More subtle authoritarianism is revealed by definitive statements that leave no room for outside opinions. Or it’s revealed by its lack of acknowledgment of each person’s ability to get their own answers.

Signs that are related to authoritarianism are: namedropping and overusing special titles or credentials.

A friend of mine once said that a true guru is a person who spreads the message hidden in the spelling of the word of guru: “Gee, you are you” (G-U-R-U).

Sign #7

(Look For: Holier-Than-Thou Mentality)

There isn’t much to say on this. Stuart Wilde said that there are essentially two journeys: ego to spirit or spirit to ego. The ego is all about feeling special, chosen, one-of-a-kind. And those feelings can be created through affirmation of the ego or through rejection. Specialness is a trap with two doors: delusions of grandeur and delusions of worthlessness. And maybe a third door is a delusion of aloneness. I think there are websites out there–the ones that regurgitate Gnostic doctrines with a stench of paranoia–that exploit, and even heighten, a seeker’s sense of isolation. Feeling alone can be converted to food for the ego.

When you watch a movie or a play you might be able to tell if an actor is enjoying the attention of the audience. I think 99% of the time that that coincides with atrociously bad acting. The good actors are the ones who are involved in the scene so much that their concern for the audience is close to 0%. It’s the same in life. If you’re doing what you’re doing for an audience, then you probably aren’t fulfilling your purpose as well as you could.

Sources of information that promote specialness promote destructive egoism.

Sign #8

(Look For: Complicated Terminology)

Whenever I pick up a spiritually-themed book with a glossary at the back explaining a long list of special terms, I usually put it back down. Of course, special vocabularies are needed in technical fields. For instance, I’m a massage therapist and in learning massage it was useful for me to learn many different terms describing essentially the same thing: massaging. To release a trigger point (a muscular knot), it’s far more effective to use static compression than it is to use effleurage. Static compression is leaning into, or pushing on, an area of muscle with your thumbs, fingertips, or hands without moving. Effleurage is lightly gliding over the skin, usually with full open palms. Both are massaging. If my teacher, when I was learning trigger point therapy, just told me: “Okay, now treat the trigger point,” I wouldn’t have known what to do.

I think spiritualistic jargon is sometimes useful, but most times…not so much. What it does is requires you to read primer material to understand the main material. It requires you to get a teacher to teach you the jargon. You can’t just take what you want. If the jargon is especially thick, you almost have to become a devotee and accept the point of view before really understanding it as a whole.

To me, what makes something jargon is: (1) when it isn’t immediately obvious what is meant by a term, (2) when the term isn’t clarified by looking at a dictionary because it isn’t in common usage, (3) when the term can’t be clarified with asking a simple question and getting a simple answer.

Of course there are complex spiritual ideas that aren’t immediately obvious because of your present spiritual level of development. I would be hard-pressed to define enlightenment in a single sentence with surety. However, the word enlightenment is pretty self-explanatory even if you can’t explain it operationally. En-light-en-ment: getting lighter. “Self-actualization” is closer to jargon. “Focus 23” is definitely jargon. “STS” and “STO” could be called jargon, but they can be clarified by simply asking what the letters stand for. “Service-to-Self” is pretty self-explanatory.

Spiritual jargons create categories of people who are in-the-know and people who just need to read this, take that workshop, and re-train their brains to think like the rest of a group. Jargons can create a common ground for discussing your experiences with others, but they also are capable of narrowing your vision and tricking you into thinking you have all the knowledge you need.

In relation to disinfo, jargons are dangerous. They’re dangerous because they may be reinforcing false beliefs. The belief is rendered reasonable and given the appearance of legitimacy because it has a neat name. Jargons are also used to obscure the truth. Politically, I think the most obvious example of this is “collateral damage.” Spiritually, I think the most obvious example of this is “the shadow self.” The term “Shadow” is often used to explain away the reality of negative entities and it deters the search for meaning. Example: I have a disturbing dream about masochistically cutting on myself and I wake up and say, “Wow, what a shadowy Shadow Self I have” without an attempt to look for or understand any message. I label the experience instead of letting myself feel.

Jargon allows you an opportunity to discard anomalous experiences as less meaningful than they really are.

A variation of jargon is labeling. In the Mormon Church, in which I was raised, people are frequently referred to as “members” or “non-members.” Of course, the term “non-member” can be invoked with greater or lesser moralistic judgment, but by itself the term is excluding–it says “not-a-part-of-the-whole.” In Scientology you have people who are “clear” and people who are “toxic.” Certainly there are people out there who are sick, but invoking a term for it over and over again stops you from actually trying to understand the sick in their own language. In short, jargons create judgmental Know-It-Alls.

Sign #9
Discouragement of Critical Analysis

(Look For: Insistence Upon Feeling The Truth)

This sign will seldom be obvious. There are belief systems that are openly anti-intellectual, but most hide it or it’s subliminally discouraged through the net effect of the individual beliefs. Other than finding a general air of anti-intellectualism, there are two hints relating to sign #9: an emphasis upon verifying the material through prayer, or verifying it through feeling.

Whether or not a system or teaching is “anti-intellectual” can be determined in a few ways. Do the teachings ask for obedience to rules without explaining the purpose of the rules? Are the teachers hostile to hard questions? What type of learning is encouraged? Learning by rote memorization? Or learning by a discussion of concepts? Does the belief system ignore large bodies of information that contradict its beliefs?

Another test for anti-intellectualism is the test for propaganda (see sign #1). Propaganda is meant to bypass the analytical mind by stimulating a gross emotional response and herding people into desired behaviors.

An emphasis on prayer for verifying truth is a potential trap, too. Now, I’m hardly anti-prayer. I pray all the time. I think prayer is great. Yet I do see dodgy groups using prayer against people. All the facts stand against them, but that doesn’t stop them from twisting prayer to “prove” their belief system is right. “Just pray on it,” they say. “You know it’s true.” “God/The Light/Whoever will tell you it’s all true.” If prayer was a totally secure line between you and your higher self, then this wouldn’t be a problem. If the mere act of praying automatically silenced the ego, cancelled outside interference, and protected you against peer pressures, then…well, there would be no worries. I do believe a person can pull through accurate information using prayer, but I think prayer can be more much effective if you’re aware of the risks of it. If you learn to recognize the sub-verbal intonations of your ego, and learn what foreign energies regularly affect you (your mommy, your friends, whatever), it’s much easier.

On the darker side of things it’s also possible that prayers are influenced by discarnate beings working through the advocates of the disinformation. I have a friend who joined a church based on a mystical experience he had when missionaries prayed over him. I don’t mean to appear arrogant, but after years of contemplation and research, I know the church he joined is false. It has its redeeming qualities, but it’s based on disinformation. It may be that the positive mystical experience he had was genuine and that, for whatever reason, it was right for him to join. Perhaps he’s raising the integrity of the organization by taking part in it. However, knowing him as I do, I know he’s bought into the disinfo. He’s a smart man, and was originally critical of the group he joined, but he threw his criticism aside after being overwhelmed by the power of his visionary experience.

Lastly, a critical frame of mind is discouraged by an overemphasis on feeling. New Age channeled texts, I have found, ask for feeling-verification a lot. It typically appears in gently authoritarian commands like this: “You are ___. You know this to be true. You feel it (…in your core, etc.)” This could be nothing more than suggestion. Books written in this mode may eventually hypnotize you into feeling what you’re being told to feel through simple repetition. As you read on and on into this type of material you may stop critically reflecting and asking yourself, “Is that really true?”

Relying on feeling alone to validate information is chancy because the information may only appeal to the ego. The information may make the ego feel dandy. And so, if you steer by feeling alone, then you’ll probably wind up doing a lot of things that are great at first but turn into a total nightmare.

The intellect seems to be out of vogue in the present age. I think that’s mostly because people crave the specialness of being psychic, of being an “intuitive.” In fact, it’s en vogue to view the intellect as anti-spiritual and as the chief obstruction to being spiritual. There’s definitely something to that view, but carried to its extreme, it invisibly creates an assumption that what we are now is not okay. It invisibly creates invalidation.

If the highest level of spirit is non-judgmental (see assumption #2 at the beginning of this article), then any material spreading invalidation doesn’t come from the highest level of spirit.



I don’t pretend that this is a complete list. But I would argue that if a piece of information contains all of the above, then you’re dealing with disinfo.

An easy method for evaluating suspect information is noticing in what context a falsehood exists once you find one. Once you find one, work outwards from it. If the lie is presented in a context of propaganda, or within a constellation of logical fallacies, or with unrelentingly bellicose views, or with a lot doubletalk, or by invoking heroes, by stroking the ego, with a bunch of terminology, or by encouraging you to act before think, then it’s probably disinfo. Of course, it takes time and mental energy to notice these things. The only shortcut is intuition, but if you develop your intuition without developing your intellectual discernment, you remain vulnerable. Our intuition, like everything else, has rhythms, good days and bad days.

I shied away from citing many specific examples of what I actually think is misinfo or disinfo because I feel that if the principles of higher spiritual truth–and of manipulation–are understood, then mis/disinfo won’t really be a problem.

Take what works for you and leave the rest.

(CC) Creative Commons, 2006. By M.I. Bennett

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Vous y reconnaissez les travers de la SRCMtm sans grande difficulté.


Anonyme a dit…

Concernant la vidéo, il s'agit de la présentation au journal de la télévision Suisse Romande par Sylvie Berti-Rossi, une préceptrice de la SRCMtm et directrice de collection Infolio, d'un coffret consacré au Rajah Yoga (06 novembre 2007).

Il n'y a pas grand chose à dire pour un compte-rendu de plus que mes remarques précédentes.

C'est un coup de pub et de propagande pour le Raja Yoga de la SRCMtm.

La confusion des niveaux professionnels et personnels, une situation incestueuse.

Probablement rien de nouveau que le mythe officiel, qu'on répète indéfiniment jusqu'à ce que ça devienne LA vérité.

Je ne connais pas le contenu de l'ouvrage donc je me garde de conclure. J'émets juste de très forts doutes sur l'objectivité des auteurs et du contenu.

Don, fais-toi offrir une connexion rapide par tes enfants pour Noël ;-)


Anonyme a dit…

Cri cri...

Ce n'est pas possible d'avoir un service "high speed" ou je suis. Aucun service "high speed". J'ai le service "fast dial up" de mon ISP mais il me donne incessement le message" Cannot connect to the SERVER" pour un service "5 fois plus rapide que le "dial up" de 56 BPS (5600 Bauds per second) ...

Merci quand meme...

Ce n'est pas une question "financiere" mais un question d'accessibilite a la technologie pour les "hermites" les hermites s'isolent des gens et leur technologie est seulement (jusqu'a present) offer au "grand nombre" ou le "economy of numbers" permet le financement des projets. J'espere que les "satellites" vont changer tout ca. Presentement, avec la satellite, on peut recevoir plus vite mais on peut seulement envoyer a travers les "lignes telephoniques" et c'est a $90.00 par mois.



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Salut a tous (tes).

Pour ceux qui aiment la "synchronicite" et qui n'ont rien contre se servir des "metaphores" du "mystique" pour exposer les "SPECIALES", les CHOISIS, les FAVORIES du DIVIN...

LE FEU pour combattre le feu!!

Voici un evenement au CANADA, pas aux INDES...

Lucknow Bridge collapses

For those who like "synchronicity", which along with "deja vue", and other "extra sensory" features of the indication that as a species, we are becoming conscious of a 4th dimension (of space) of existence.

These attributes of perception that once seemed "beyond" our grasp as they are "non-local" or do not seem to have a "temporal" cause and effect are now becoming commonplace for many of the more sensitive in our society. Even some who are not so "sensitive" are now claiming to have some of these "ESP" experiences such as "pre-congnition" of events happening in their lives.

Lucknow is the place in India where Ram Chandra (Babuji) registered the SRCM in 1945 and where Sister Kasturi, daughter of a judge who was one on Babuji's first disciples from the "upper class", and the only saint in Sahaj Marg, according to Babuji, now lives and has a "following". It is also the place where AJ Bhatter recently announced was going to be the place for "CHARI"S BIRTHDAY BASH" in 2008.

Well here is a link to a news Source: the RECORD that states: This has now been confirmed on our NATIONAL TV NEWS service, the CBC, a public service.


But the bridge is in Lucknow ONTARIO, where the SRCM is headquartered in Canada.

According to this site:

One theory says the community was named for Lucknow, India, which was in the news at the time for the Indian Mutiny.

SYNCHRONICITY? IS THE BRIDGE "collapse", A METAPHOR for the CANADA/INDIA Connection of OPPOSITION to SRCM's expansion in the WEST and INDIA. (see 4d-don-Elodie,Alexis, Michael's and Shashwat blogs)

THIS was experienced by Alexis:

This is from Elodie's Blog in France: (see above for Elodie's link or see on 4d-don's blog- "Confrontation PREDICTED" Article)

Alexis said

Following the announcement of 1 October by Ajay Kumar the celebrations in Lucknow in 2008 for the 81st birthday of Chari, Shri Manoj Tiwari has created a blog to announce the event, discuss and gather suggestions from all sides.

Enchanted by this worthy initiative, I left a post proposing to invite Kasturi and the grandson of the guru Lalaji (NaqshMuMRa) since the celebration is to take place in their fiefdom (stronghold) of Uttar Pradesh.

I also suggested that they take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to make peace with Navneet Kumar, grandson of Babuji and current chairman of the SRCM (Shahjahanpur) Uttar Pradesh.


Alexis a dit…

Après les 15 ans de Molena, Chari a autorisé la tenue d'un séminaire international aux USA pour l'anniversaire de Babuji du 27 avril au 2 mai 2008.
Il demande aux abhyasis de prier pour lui s'ils vezulent espérer le voir à cette occasion...

Anonyme a dit…

Ah !!!! Enfin un peu de pression à la spiritualité !!

Chari se serait-il apperçu qu'il peut utiliser les mêmes tactiques manipulatoires autour du culte de sa personne pour faire avoir une activité spirituelle à ses sujets?

Par les mêmes méthodes pourries il arrivait à leur faire vider les poches, le but est donc plus louable.

Dommage que la méthode soit toujours aussi naze: jouer sur la dépendance des gens en leur laissant sous-entendre 3 choses -- 1) il va mourrir. 2) il ne va pas venir. 3) les prières vont éviter 1) et 2).

Toujours le même terrorisme.

Ca m'étonnerait qu'il aille à Molena de toutes façons.

Celui-là ! On ne le refera pas !


Anonyme a dit…

On y revient peu à peu...

Je peux témoigner que ce qui nous semble ridicule en Europe ne l'est pas aux USA, où une activité particulière s'y déroule.


C'est complètement hors sujet ou c'est en plein dans le mil: il y a toujours une boite noire à ouvrir concernant l'histoire de la SRCMtm.


Alexis a dit…

Dubaï, Dubaï, Dubaï…

Pour la deuxième fois cette année, Chari est allé à Dubaï. Il y a passé 11 jours, du 26 octobre au 6 novembre avec un emploi du temps très libre et peu contraignant. Après avoir annulé son voyage en Europe à l'automne, après avoir boycotté les 15 ans de l'ashram de Molena aux Etats-Unis, soi-disant pour des raisons de santé, Chari a préféré Dubaï !

Tandis qu'il invite les abhyasis américains à prier pour qu'il leur rende visite au printemps prochain, tandis qu'il évoque une possible visite en Europe terriblement hypothétique toujours au printemps, il passe deux fois à Dubaï la même année.

Chari a une santé à double vitesse, mauvaise lorsqu'il s'agit de rendre visite aux abhyasis occidentaux, excellente lorsqu'il s'agit des Emirats Arabes Unis.

Qu'est-ce donc qui l'attire là-bas ? La première région mondiale du tourisme de luxe ? La foule des travailleurs précaires asiatiques ? Ou bien alors les paradis fiscaux ?

Dubaï abrite la première zone franche du Moyen-orient, soit plus de 6000 sociétés étrangères, autorisées à s'implanter sous forme offshore, sans obligation de lien à des partenaires locaux, sans restrictions sur les permis de travail, sans contrôle des changes et avec possibilité de rapatriement de 100% du capital comme des profits, sans imposition aucune sur les sociétés comme les personnes physiques, ni taxes à l'import ou à l'export.

Chari a effectué à Dubaï un voyage avant les célébrations de Tiruppur, un voyage après. Entre les deux, les abhyasis étaient invités à faire des dons de 1200 US$ aux multiples fondations SMSF…

N'oubliez pas de réclamer la publication des comptes, non pas celle de votre SRCM nationale, non ! mais celles des différentes fondations…